MSRP Price: $60.00$300.00

An all-in-one harvest and packing tool that allows you to easily and cleanly fill, weigh, and pack up to 1lb of finished flower at a time. The Grasshopper is made from durable, long-lasting, FDA Approved food-grade materials, with a non-stick interior that cleans quickly and easily. Compatible with most storage bags and scales, the Grasshopper saves time by improving the speed, precision, and efficiency of the weighing and packing of finished products.


  • Remove the detachable funnel lid and place it funnel-side down on your scale.
  • The handled bucket fits perfectly into the inside of the lid so you can tare the empty unit. 
  • Grab the handle, scoop your product to the pre-measured fill line, and place it back onto the lid to adjust your total weight.
  • Re-attach the lid, slide your turkey bag or vacuum seal bag onto the funnel, flip and fill!