After all the effort and diligence that goes into your gardening, it’s important to make sure that your prized products receive the best treatment at harvest time. Left Coast Wholesale offers a complete selection of harvest supplies designed to preserve your efforts and to help keep your products in optimal condition post harvest.


Designed for optimal ergonomics, Trim Bin turns any chair or surface into a comfortable, organized trimming workspace. The Trim Bin’s high molded walls and rounded edges keep all plant materials contained, ensuring fast and easy cleanup. Durable and portable, Trim Bin features a two-part tray system that comes with a standard 150-micron or the new 220-micron screen to filter and collect finer plant particulates. While the Trim Bin is useful on its own, Left Coast Wholesale carries accessories for the Trim Bin such as extra screens, Trim Bin Filter, and Trim Bag Holder to make your harvest even easier.


Clean scissors easily in seconds and without a mess using the efficient and portable Scissor Scrubber. Just open the lid, remove the brushes, fill the container with the preferred cleaning solution, and let your scissors soak. Keeping your tools clean throughout harvest is the key to a successful harvest, and the Scissor Scrubber will make both cleaning your tools and getting through harvest fast and easy.


Left Coast Turkey Bags are indispensable when it comes to protecting harvested crops, preventing cross-contamination of harvested plants, and safeguarding your hard work from oxidation, freezing, and pests. Left Coast Turkey Bags are proudly manufactured in the United States with American-made materials. The turkey bags are available in the 18″ x 24″ size weighing 18.5 grams as well as the larger 24″ x 36″ option weighing 32.5 grams. Left Coast Turkey Bags are smell-proof and made of triple-layer clear nylon film with 5-mm seals that are long enough to be tied shut easily. All material is BPA and heavy-metal-free as well as USDA and FDA approved.


Available either open buckle or with a zipper style, Flower Tower Dry Racks include a center strap to prevent nuisance bowing. This innovative design mitigates the amount of costly, unevenly dried product that bowing creates. Flower Tower Dry Racks are constructed with a soft coated mesh material to prevent grating or damaging flower material. They are the best and easiest way to dry your harvested product.


The Trimbag is the first collapsible, bladeless, handheld dry trimmer on the market specially designed for the processing of dried medicinal herbs and hops. Trimbag features a design that doesn’t require spare parts for maintenance and can be easily stored until you’re ready to trim. The patented tumble trim method combined with the robust construction that Trimbag is known for allows for up to 2 pounds of dry product to be trimmed in just about 15 minutes. The Trimbag saves you even more time with the minimal maintenance it requires to work well through multiple seasons.


Boveda Humidity Control Packs continually respond to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment. Boveda Humidity Control Packs deliver a predetermined relative humidity in an environment, keeping contents at the desired humidity level during periods of storage. Boveda features a hyperfiltration membrane that inhibits the passage of any impurities, ensuring that products are exposed only to clean, pure water vapor. Boveda Humidity Control packs can be used in a full range of relative humidity levels to preserve the precise humidity atmosphere for any item packaged, no matter if it’s tobacco, food, herbs, or spices.