Left Coast Wholesale is a dedicated team of growing experts with deep roots in the cultivation industry.
We manufacture and distribute top-quality products to retail stores and online merchants throughout the United States.


By creating an accountcreating an account, you’ll gain access to our curated catalog of growing products, our unique Tiered Discount program tailored to fit the needs of your store, our generous buyback program that allows you to return unwanted items, and one-on-one support from our team of professionals with years of experience in the growing industry.

From popular in-house brands like GeoPot Fabric Pots, Sungrower Trellis Netting, and Left Coast Turkey Bags to partner products like Terpinator, DYNOMYCO, and Green Planet Nutrients, we’re proud to provide you with the most effective cultivation solutions for your customers.


Since 2013, we have continued to support the growing community through personalized service, charitable partnerships, and a dedication to acting as a reliable resource in an ever-changing industry. We have built our business to welcome retail stores of all sizes, which has led to our success in supplying more than 570 resellers in the growing community.

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Left Coast Wholesale is a dedicated team with deep roots in the growing community. Our journey began in 2009 with the launch of GeoPot fabric pots, a high-quality, cost effective alternative to plastic pots. As GeoPot grew in popularity, we developed a preference for working directly with retail partners and created strong bonds in the industry.

In 2013, we formed Left Coast Wholesale to build upon our relationships with retailers by assembling a curated catalog of essential products for cultivators at every level. We also made an early commitment to improving the way stores engage with their distributors, which is why we designed our programs to be compatible with retailers of any size.


Since then, we have continued to add top-quality cultivation products to our catalog, provide personalized service to our customers, and pursue our mission of supporting the growing community, all while staying true to our roots.