Choosing the right growing media is the most important choice cultivators make. Left Coast Wholesale’s expert team searched for the best product line in a crowded market to bring you the most in-demand natural growing media. Our offerings include loose soils, bagged soils, and propagation supplies vetted and supported by growers across the nation.


MushroomSupplies creates products that allow everyone to grow mushrooms at home affordably and easily. Every product comes with instructional videos and guides that help you through the growth process making it safer, easier and less expensive than traditional methods.


Max Yield Bins take the guess work out of managing humidity, airflow, and gas exchange while limiting contaminant in the air from entering. Their dark base prevents mushrooms from growing on the sides of the bin, making harvesting easier. Their bin design yields consistent and bountiful fruiting of your favorite mushrooms with high yields per flush or crop every time!


Pacific Substrates was founded in Oakland in 2020 to make mushroom cultivation reliable and accessible. They meet the needs of all levels of growers by making commercial-quality materials available to those with smaller budgets. Using efficient procedures, custom blends, and vigorous cultures, Pacific Substrates brings superior products to the market at competitive prices.


IHORT is a premier innovator of propagation media products proven to promote healthier root development from the beginning! Left Coast Wholesale is proud to offer the innovative Quick Start® Q Plugs and Excel Plugs, and they are available in a large selection of sizes and shapes. Originally, the growing mixes were designed for just rooting and transplanting, but now the media mix has been changed to enhance the actual growth of plants. This technology is the result of four generations of experience and testing, and is now incorporated into their plugs to help promote seed and clone development.


Royal Gold chooses the highest-quality input ingredients and seeks out sustainable alternatives to traditional products. As a more sustainable alternative to many traditional growing mediums, coconut fiber is becoming widely recognized as the future of indoor and hydroponic gardening media and as an important part of large-scale agricultural soil building and reconditioning programs. Based in Humboldt County, California, Royal Gold has had the advantage of extensive research, development, and testing in a community that demands unparalleled results and service.


Left Coast is proud to carry Four Seasons Bulk Soil. Each growing medium is uniquely blended to meet the needs of different cultivators and growing styles from “blank slate” growing mediums to fully fertilized “super soils.” Custom blends are available.