Perfect plants deserve high-performing pots, and Left Coast Wholesale carries a wide selection of containers to meet growers’ needs. Our fabric containers range from the durable, quad-stitched GeoPot to the more economical G-Lite fabric pot series to a selection of Sungrower black-and-white grow bags that provide both reflective and light prevention properties to accommodate indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse environments. For raised-bed growers, our GeoPlanter offers best-in-class longevity and performance with the same great benefits of theGeoPot.


GeoPlanter is a breathable fabric planter that air-prunes your plants’ roots when they reach the end of the container. The air root-pruning process forces the roots to branch out with more fibrous feeder roots, which are much more efficient in taking up water and nutrients for improved yields. Each GeoPlanter is framed with PVC to give you a rigid, framed bed for all of your planting needs. It is UV stabilized for years of use in direct sunlight and requires no tools for assembly.


GeoPot fabric pot’s signature fabric and novel construction help growers achieve the ideal root environment which promotes water and nutrient uptake for rapid yield and plant development throughout each growth cycle. A breathable fabric container constructed of the thickest nonwoven polypropylene material available allows air to easily reach your plants’ root zones, delivering superior drainage and creating a healthier root environment. The porous material is reinforced with high-quality bonded-polyester thread and is available in black or tan to accommodate your growing environment.


G-Lite containers, constructed of a slightly thinner version than the signature GeoPot fabric, gives growers an economical alternative to the GeoPot series. G-Lite fabric pot’s seams are double-stitched for durability with the same high-quality bonded-polyester thread used in the traditional GeoPot. This sturdy construction allows for sufficient structural rigidity during transplant and throughout a plant’s life cycle. G-Lite fabric pots’ sturdy handles (optional) make it easy, quick, and safe to move your plants, while the square-bottoms ensure stability and efficient space usage in your grow area.


Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags are black on the inside and white on the outside to create a light-proof barrier against algae growth while providing 92% reflectivity to ensure a cooler root zone. The plastic grow bags are UV stabilized and constructed with holes to prevent pockets of excessive moisture throughout the grow bag.