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Terpinator is the original source for terpene and resin enhancement. This specialty nutrient additive is formulated from all-natural and organic inputs and a proprietary blend of plant extracts that provide the building blocks for terpene and trichome production. This results in improved flavor, aroma, and potency in oil-producing plants.

Terpinator was designed to provide growers with a terpene enhancement solution that could be easily incorporated into any style of growing, resulting in a finished product that would stand out from the competition. Unlike other products that can cover or disguise the natural genetic profile of the plant with bioavailable terpenes or esters, Terpinator uses the natural metabolic pathway of the plant responsible for terpene and trichome production to improve the aroma and flavors specific to your genetic cultivar. Users will notice improved trichome size and development in plants as well as improved concentration of terpenes and secondary metabolites in plant resin which results in superior aroma and potency profiles. Terpinator contains no heavy metals or PGRs, making it an excellent additive to nutrient programs at any scale.

Terpinator can be deployed in any growing system and is designed to be used as a root drench for your soil, coco, or hydroponic growing media. Terpinator is compatible with any nutrient line and can be added without making changes to your current growing regimen. Terpinator is not intended for use as a foliar spray. Feeding frequency for Terpinator can be during each fertilizer feed, or as frequently as every watering. Terpinator can be used throughout the entire life cycle of the plant. When used at the recommended rates, Terpinator will not burn plants thanks to its gentle yet highly effective formulation and can be used during flush.

Directions for use:

  • 5 ml/gallon – Vegetative Stage (Week 1-4 Vegetative)
  • 15-25 ml/gallon – Early Bloom Stage (Week 5-9 Flowering)
  • 25-30 ml/gallon – Late Bloom Stage (Week 9-Flush)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Nitrogen (N)……………………………0%
Available Phosphate (P2O5) ………0%
Soluble Potash (K2O) …………………4%
Derived From: Potassium Sulfate


For best results, begin using Terpinator during the vegetative stage at a concentration of approximately 5-10 ml/gallon, then slowly increase concentration every 2 weeks until you reach 25-30 ml/gallon.