Self-Healing Injection Ports

MSRP Price: $22.50

Perfect for injecting tissue cultures into sterilized containers, these self-healing injection ports come in sheets of 50 that can easily be broken up and provided with Pacific Substrates Goonie Grains and Paddy Poo.


  • Self-healing material
  • Manufactured with strong 3M adhesive
  • Waterproof 
  • Fully autoclavable, high temperature resistance
  • Adhesive backing for time saving, quick application


  • Available in sheets of 50 injection ports.
  • Intended for use with mushroom cultivation supplies such as Pacific Substrates Goonie Grains, grain spawn bags, and jars. Use to help reduce the chance of contamination from bacteria or foreign spores when you inoculate your spawn with your chosen tissue culture. 


  1. Sanitize the area you intend to place the injection port. Allow it to air dry.
  2. Remove from sheet and apply the injection port to the container.
  3. Before injection, sanitize the injection port surface. Allow it to air dry. Inject your tissue culture into the container.