Light Room Grow Tents

MSRP Price: $289.95$774.45

Light Room Grow Tents were designed and built to be a high-quality, cost-effective solution for growing indoors.

Available in a variety of sizes, Light Room Grow Tents allow greater control over the growing environment with a highly reflective diamond pattern mylar interior, intake and exhaust ports, plastic observation windows, and a D-shaped door for ease of access. Growers can take comfort in a portable grow room built to last with high-quality 600-denier thick plastic that prevents pinholing or light leakage and a sturdy frame with either plastic or powder-coated, rust-proof metal connectors (depending on size).

Other features include a reflective, removable, water-proof floor tray to keep the growing environment clean and a convenient carrying case to facilitate transportation.

How do Light Room Grow Tents keep the light out?

Unwanted light can be disastrous during a plant’s dark period. Light Room Grow Tents provide reliable protection with heavy duty light-proof zippers and zipper flaps, double drawstring enclosures for all intake, exhaust, and power cord ports, and black flaps to cover the observation windows.