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Left Coast Wholesale 2024 Q2 News and Updates!

April 26, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Q2 edition of Left Coast Wholesale News and Updates! Dive into our latest offerings, including new products from Royal Gold Soil and Super Fresh Vacuum Seal Bags. Plus, explore essential tools for mycology from FloCube and top-quality mushroom cultures from Redwood Mushroom Supply. Don’t miss out on our ongoing Sales Event, with discounts up to 45% on select products (now featuring even more brands on sale). Happy gardening!

New Products

Royal Gold 70/30

Royal Gold’s 70/30 mix, designed to be suitable for a wide range of plants and growing conditions, optimizes drainage and aeration for plant roots to prevent waterlogging and promote healthy growth, while also retaining moisture and maintaining pH neutrality. Its lightweight nature and sustainability further contribute to its appeal for container gardening and environmentally conscious gardeners, at a price point that is competitive with other brands on the market.

A multicolored bag with layers of yellow, orange, with silhouettes of trees and a black, red and yellow stripe with Coco & Perlite 70-30 in bold text at the top, next to the royal gold logo on the left. It reads "Premium growing medium" and "rooted in humboldt" on the bag.

Super Fresh Vacuum Seal Bags and Rolls

These bags are made with BPA-free, food-safe material. 3-4.5 Mil thickness to safeguard against air and moisture. Pre-cut and compatible with most vacuum sealers, they come in transparent and clear/black varieties for easy identification and discreet storage, making them ideal for preserving smaller batches of harvest materials and ensuring prolonged freshness for botanicals and edibles.

Two rolls of SuperFresh Seal Bags displayed vertically, one labeled '15 in x 50 feet' and the other '11.5 in x 50 feet,' both in clear material. Each roll is labeled with the brand's logo, product details, and features such as freezer and microwave safe, food-grade material, and compatibility with most commercial vacuum sealers. The packaging also indicates that the product is BPA-free.


FloCube offers specialized flow hoods and accessories tailored for mycology, ensuring controlled airflow for sterile conditions crucial for delicate processes in mushroom cultivation. Known for reliability and user-friendliness, these products are essential for maintaining optimal environments, supporting mycologists and growers in their research and cultivation endeavors. Impulse sealing bags and equipment also available for reliable, convenient preservation of harvest materials.

Flocube ProFlow 2x3 vertical clean bench with HEPA filter with transparent background

Redwood Mushroom Supply Cultures

Redwood Mushroom Supply prides itself on its in-house production and rigorous quality control processes for mushroom cultures. Each culture is carefully selected and maintained to guarantee optimal growth and performance. Redwood Mushroom Supply uses industry-leading packaging methods to ensure the cultures arrive in perfect condition, maximizing their viability for growers.

Silly Myco Pre-Poured Agar Plates

These reliable and affordable agar plates come ready to use, saving the time and effort of preparing your own agar medium from scratch. Rest assured of Silly Myco’s consistency in quality and formulation, significantly reducing the risk of contamination and enhancing the success rate of culture propagation.

A stack of clear petri dishes with a blue agar material inside, with one circular dish at an angle leaning against a stack of flat dishes.

Back In Stock

Turkey Bags

Our signature brand Turkey Bags and Tote Liners are indispensable when it comes to protecting harvested crops, preventing cross-contamination of harvested plants, and safeguarding your hard work from oxidation, freezing, and pests.

Left Coast Turkey Bags, here in the 12-count, 18 x 24-inch size, are made of triple-layer nylon

Petri Dishes

Prepare your agar plates with our sterile petri dishes. Our petri dishes are super sturdy and economical, offering better performance and durability than dishes twice their cost. Each pack of 10 is packaged on a fully automated HEPA filtered assembly line and EO Gas sterilized to ensure it is 100% Sterile.

North Spore Tool Kits & Grow Bags

This mycology tool kit is essential equipment for conducting mushroom cloning, culturing and general laboratory work with ease. Each set includes stainless steel tools and extra blades, in a zippered carrying case. North Spore’s autoclavable mushroom grow bags are made of durable polypropylene and are ideal for indoor mushroom cultivation. The .2 micron filter size makes them perfect grain spawn bags. Holds 4-5 Lbs of grain spawn. 

A rectangular folding zip pouch containing Stainless steel tools for mycology - 3 scalpel handles, a pack of scalpel baldes, a pair of scissors, and inoculation loop, and some forceps.

Promo Reminder

“Sales Event” Continues! New products added! 

Take advantage of these incredible deals and continue to save up to 45% on select products until the end of June! We have also added a ton of new products to our mega-sale, including custom greenhouse material, Sierra Natural Science, and Green Planet Nutrients.  

The different sizes of Green Planet Nutrients – Dual Fuel 1 & 2, from 1 to 23 liters

Bella Bora Price Reduction

Bella Bora Announcement: Wholesale Price Reduction!

Bella Bora is thrilled to announce a permanent price reduction on their V1 Still Air Box, a crucial element for maintaining a lab-quality sterile workspace. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer—grab yours today while supplies last!  

The Bella Bora Still Air Box's dual layered hand ports allow for sterile mushroom cultivation.
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