Designed and engineered for the horticulture industry, the Genesis HPS Bulb maintains less lumen and PAR depreciation over standard bulbs on the market.

GREEN 150 is one of the most effective granular endomycorrhizal inoculants on the planet. It is packed with a complex matrix of beneficial organisms that promote amazing plant health and growth.

Our Turkey Bags are 18" x 24", BPA and heavy metal free, as well as USDA/FDA approved. Not to mention, our Turkey Bags are made in the USA, Bigfoot wouldn't have it any other way!

turkey bags

The GeoTransplanter allows the side of the container to open for effortless removal of the root ball, which makes transplanting quick and easy while reducing the shock of transplanting.


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Massive will supercharge your flowers, making them bigger and denser, using a carefully assembled blend of naturally derived nutrient components. Why grow big when you can grow Massive!

Terpinator is the only product on the market that stimulates the natural production of terpenes, tapping into your plant's true physical potential and making your garden TRIPLE A.


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