Winter Is Coming: Prepare Your Customers for Indoor Growing

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As you know, cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean your customers will be shutting down their growing operations. In addition to processing, packaging, and selling their recent harvest, many cultivators will also be shifting their focus to indoor growing through the winter months. That means they will be turning to you for a very different set of solutions. Here are our recommendations of 7 tested and approved products to make indoor growing a success.

Light Room Grow Tent

The most important thing about indoor cultivation is the ability to control the growing environment and give the plants everything they need, when they need it. Light Room Grow Tents make this possible.

Designed and built to be a high-quality, cost-effective solution for growing indoors, these portable rooms feature a highly reflective, diamond pattern mylar interior, heavy-duty light proof zippers, and 600-denier thick plastic that prevents pinholing or light leakage. Light Room Grow Tents are available in a variety of sizes and feature intake/exhaust ports and vented light and power cord ports, which all include double drawstring enclosures to keep out unwanted light.

Other features include a reflective, removable, water-proof floor tray to keep the growing environment clean and a convenient carrying case to facilitate transportation.

GeoPot Fabric Pots

GeoPot Fabric Pots are made of a durable, breathable fabric that allows for superior drainage and aeration of a plant’s root zone. This can allow the grower to apply more feedings without the danger of potential issues such as overwatering or root rot. Unlike basic plastic pots, GeoPot Fabric Pots are also known for their ability to activate air root pruning, which encourages the roots to branch out and create more pathways for absorbing water and nutrients, leading to better yields. Available in several sizes and with or without handles, GeoPot Fabric Pots are washable and reusable for up to 5 or 6 growing cycles. For large scale grows and budget-conscious cultivators, check out G-Lite Fabric Pots, constructed with a slightly thinner fabric.


The GeoPlanter is the larger, “raised garden bed” version of the GeoPot Fabric Pot. For more substantial growing operations, these containers are built with a sturdy PVC frame and are available in a variety of sizes, including a 48 x 40 inch version that fits perfectly on a wooden pallet for ease of transport. GeoPlanters are also compatible with most flood and drain trays, as well as an optional Trellis Netting Kit, allowing greater control over plant care.

Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags

For cultivators looking for a low-cost growing container, Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags offer a convenient, reusable solution. These bags are made with a black interior and white exterior, creating a light-proof barrier against algae growth and 92% reflectivity to ensure a cooler root zone. In addition, Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags feature holes to prevent pockets of excess moisture to collect and cause root rot. When the growing cycle is complete, they can be easily folded and stored for future use.

EZ Hanger Rope Ratchets

The EZ Hanger Rope Ratchet is an unassuming product that can be a lifesaver for indoor growers who need a simple, hassle-free way to hang lights, fans, or other valuable equipment in their cultivation space. Made of strong braided rope, carabiner clips, and a locking pulley, EZ Hanger Rope Ratchets come in two sizes and strengths, depending your customers’ needs (⅛” holds up to 75 lbs. and ¼” holds up to 150 lbs.).

Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold

Indoor growers can achieve controlled and consistent multi-plant watering with ease by using the Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold. With a simple turn of a key, cultivators can dial in their desired flow rate with this compact solution that can be attached directly to existing water lines and can accommodate growing operations of any scale. The Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold is designed to prevent clogging, even when running thick, organic fertilizers, and can also be used outdoors thanks to its UV-resistant Noryl ABSL plastic that can withstand even the harshest growing conditions. This pairs well with Octo-Flow’s PVC Tubing, which is more durable than standard vinyl tubing thanks to its double-layered design and food grade material.

Guard ‘n Spray

Growing indoors can present unique new challenges that a cultivator typically doesn’t need to be worried about with an outdoor setting. One of the main concerns to be aware of is the presence of powdery mildew or mold due to increased humidity or condensation. Guard ‘n Spray Insecticide is an organic blend of food-grade ingredients and botanical extracts that effectively attacks mold and mildew spores with the same ferocity with which it handles pests.

Guard ‘n Spray’s concentrated formula can be deployed with sprayers, atomizers, or foggers, and can also be diluted for maintenance and preventative treatments. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, no re-entry delays are necessary.

Bringing the Outside In

Indoor growing is all about simulating the conditions of the outdoors. Simply put, a crop thrives when it receives all the same benefits inside as it does from nature. The products outlined above will help your customers to control the growing environment, satisfy those needs, and ensure the highest yield possible.

Check out our entire line of tested and approved products for every season here.

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