The process of sprouting made simple!

The cooler weather of the fall season gives growers a chance to take stock of how their spring and summer harvest was, and what steps they can take to improve it when the weather warms up again. Gardeners who choose to start their grow from seeds face a few extra issues, from problems with germination to missing the inadvertently planting the seed too deep. However, there are upsides to growing from seed which can include healthier plants because their care has been consistent from the start, to cost-effectiveness, as seeds are far less costly than a plant from the nursery.

Q Plugs and Tray

A fantastic way for a grower to help their seeds through germination is with the use of a propagation plug – a plug made up of peat and other organic materials that holds the seed as it germinates. They are generally designed so that they can later be transplanted into a larger space, and also serve well in a hydroponic grow.

iHort Propagation Kit

Propagation plugs – like the iHort Q Plug – have been specifically created for optimum germination of seeds and rapid rooting of cuttings. The Q Plug provides optimum air/water ratios for proper root developments and growth, provides insulation and natural buffering for more uniform growth, and Is a flexible aerated plug that is designed for faster root development and plant establishment. The biggest dray for growers is that the Q Plug eliminates loss in transplanting. There is no root damage during this critical process as everything gets moved right into the ground!

Propagation Kit

Since growers plant more than one seed at a time, the best way to make use of the propagation plugs is by using the Q Plug 50 Count Propagation Kit by iHort. The Q Plug 50 Propagation Kit contains 50 40/40 size Q Plugs, a carrier tray, and a 50-Cell Plug Tray all wrapped in one convenient package, ready to provide the ideal growing environment for clones, seedlings, and cuttings in closely populated trays.

iHort propagation tray with sprouts

This setup is ideal to give your seeds the strongest start possible with the Q Plug, which provides excellent aeration and buffering for root development, with superior water control compared to other propagation plugs. These details are all part of having a solid start for your grow because a strong foundation for your plants is the first step to success, and healthy, robust root systems are an important part of this process.

iHort Propagation Tray with Plugs

If you have gardeners in your life this holiday season, the Q Plug 50 Count Propagation Kit makes a great gift to show your support of their chosen occupation!

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