Left Coast Wholesale Signature Brands represent the best of the best when it comes to growing equipment. Each product has been thoroughly tested and vetted by our team. Our signature brands include:

GeoPot & GeoPlanter: GeoPot’s signature fabric and novel construction helps growers achieve optimal water and nutrient uptake, yielding rapid, optimal plant growth throughout each growth cycle. GeoPlanter is a breathable fabric planter that air-prunes your plants’ roots when they reach the end of the container.

G-Lite Fabric Pots: These offer a slightly thinner, more economical version of the GeoPot series, but still give cost-conscious growers a container that offers excellent drainage and an optimal root environment. Just as with the GeoPot series, G-Lite pots have porous fabric that allows for the air-pruning of roots, and come in several sizes with optional handles available.

Sungrower Supply (Trellis, Plastic Grow Bags): Your source for durable plastic growing products, Sungrower Supply manufactures Trellis Netting and Black and White Grow Bags specifically designed to withstand the rigorous demands of outdoor and indoor growers alike.

Left Coast Turkey Bags: Left Coast Turkey Bags are smell-proof, food-safe, and 100% made in the USA. Each bag is USDA-approved for food safe storage and uses triple-sealed nylon.

Flower Tower Dry Racks: Available either open or with a zip closure, Flower Tower Dry Racks include a center strap to prevent nuisance bowing. Flower Tower Dry Racks are constructed with a soft, coated mesh material to prevent grating or damaging flower material.

Duraline: Duraline’s Duraweave and Duramax Greenhouse poly are available exclusively through Left Coast Wholesale. The woven poly is graded to last 4-6 years under normal growing conditions. Duraline Poly is pre-cut to make your next greenhouse planning project a breeze!

Custom-Cut Greenhouse Poly: Can’t find the right fit for your greenhouse? We’ve got you covered. Left Coast Wholesale offers a wide variety of greenhouse materials cut to order so your customer can get the perfect fitting cover for their next greenhouse project. Available in Woven and Non-Woven options, our custom-cut greenhouse poly can be delivered directly to your customers or your store, and can even be pre-fitted with hem and grommet options.

Rope Ratchets: The robust construction of the braided ropes and easily used carabiner clips make these must-haves for any indoor setup. The Rope Ratchet is the easiest way to hang your indoor lighting or growing equipment and adjust it to the perfect height!


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