EcoStadt Technologies is focused on creating safe, comprehensive, and sustainably sourced organic plant nutrient and biopesticide products. They design and create innovative, safe, and highly effective organic products to make the things we consume safer, cleaner, and more abundant. Far too many companies create products that are not sustainably sourced and carry big carbon footprints. EcoStadt Technologies takes pride in the fact that most of their products are produced from carbon-negative sources and help sustain local rural economies.

EcoStadt Technologies creates products that address every need of the grower from plant protection to plant growth. They have an innovative 4-in-1 biopesticide that protects plants from pests and diseases while placing a heavy priority on product safety to ensure that the end product passes the rigorous residue standards in today’s market. They will also be releasing our revolutionary new line of growth products systematically designed for each stage of plant development.

EcoStadt Technologies has used decades of their collective experiences in the industry to craft innovative organic products from new sources that are safe, cost-efficient, and simply work. In this hyper-saturated and competitive market, they create safe and effective products growers actually need instead of cutting corners and creating marginally superior products. To put it in simple words, they pride themselves on creating innovative and authentic products that put in the work the same way you, the grower, do!

Canopy and Plant Management

Nutrients and Supplements