Stock Up on Essential Products for Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse full of plants

Greenhouse cultivators need to manage a unique set of challenges in their grows, such as heat and light regulation, regular transplanting, and the negotiation of limited space. At Left Coast Wholesale, we offer tested and trusted solutions that we use in our own greenhouses.

From protective shade cloth to versatile growing containers, here are our top picks for greenhouse maintenance:

40% Shade Cloth

Greenhouses generally allow cultivators to create a more controlled growing environment, but variables like extreme heat and weather can still present problems.

Our shade cloth provides a simple, dependable way to protect plants from unfavorable conditions. Constructed of high-density polypropylene, our shade cloth blocks 40% of light to retain cooler temperatures, while protecting against wind, hail, and UV rays.

Shade cloth can be draped directly over the greenhouse to reduce overall light and heat exposure or above the canopy inside the greenhouse to retain heat while reducing light exposure. 

GeoPot Fabric Pots

Greenhouse growers are no strangers to transplanting and transporting their plants.

When it comes time for your customers to relocate their plants, we recommend GeoPot, a breathable fabric container constructed of the thickest nonwoven polypropylene material available. The GeoPot allows air to easily reach the plants’ root zones, delivers superior drainage, and creates a healthier root environment.

The porous material is reinforced with high-quality marine-grade stitching and is available in black or tan to accommodate any growing environment. The container’s sturdy handles (optional) make it easy, quick, and safe to move plants, while the unique square bottoms ensure stability and efficient space usage in the growing area.

Transplanting with a Sungrower Grow Bag is easy and convenient

Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags

Sometimes growers simply need a quick and easy solution for new plants. We recommend Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags as an economical option for first-time cultivators and large-scale container growers on a budget.

These bags are black on the inside and white on the outside to create a light-proof barrier against algae growth while providing 92% reflectivity to ensure a cooler root zone. Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags are UV-stabilized and constructed with drainage holes to prevent pockets of excessive moisture.

Best of all, they are easy to set up, allowing cultivators to grow in any available space. Sungrower Grow Bags will last for many seasons and can be easily stored by emptying the soil and folding the bags flat.

Left Coast Wholesale offers only the highest-quality products to help your growers thrive in any environment. Contact your sales representative today to make sure you’re sufficiently stocked for the needs of your greenhouse growers.

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