Soul PeaK

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Soul PeaK contains distinctive botanical extracts, as well as ample phosphorus and potassium to encourage only the strongest flowers. Years of research and extensive testing have resulted in a truly unique PK boost that enhances the vigor and production of plants during their blooming phase. PeaK makes a great finisher but can also be used whenever a large boost of phosphorus and potassium is required. Also includes alfalfa extract that is a natural source of nutrition to boost yield.

Derived from alfalfa extract, phosphoric acid, and potassium hydroxide.

Direction for use:

Mature Flowering Plants

Add 1 tsp – 1 TBS (5 – 15 ml) per gallon. Most effective if used the last two weeks of flowering, (two weeks before flush).

Hydroponic Application

Confirm the pH is around 6.0; adjust if required.

Soil Application

Alternate fertilizer solution and pure water every one to two days, or as plants require.