Royal Gold – Basement Mix

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Basement Mix sets the standard for coco fiber-based potting mixes for high-performance indoor gardens. It is designed to be fed with a complete fertilizer program and performs exceptionally well with an organic fertilizer regimen.

Basement Mix is the go-to coco blend growing media for indoor and container gardening systems. Developed through years of field application, Basement Mix is lightly amended with top-quality dry amendments and features an even balance of water-holding and air-holding capacities. In a container garden or indoor setup, these capacities help manage runoff and feed oxygen into the root zone for improved performance and nutrient uptake. The light fertilizer charge also pairs well with your conventional or organic regimen, creating more predictable soil conditions and alleviating deficiencies that may arise when using a blank slate medium.

INGREDIENTS: Coco Fiber, Aged Forest Materials, Perlite, Lava Rock, Compost, Coco Chip, Alfalfa Meal, Feather Meal, Fishbone Meal, Basalt, Kelp Meal, Bat Guano

Available in 1.5-cubic foot bags, 1-yard totes, and loose yards.*

*Additional trucking charges may apply.

Royal Gold Truckload Details

*Truckload capacity varies depending on grow media, weather and weight