Earth Juice® – Bloom

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Earth Juice Bloom is used to help promote healthy budding, flowering, and essential oil production in the flowering phase.

Earth Juice Bloom is a liquid all-natural plant food for flowering plants. It aids in the development of large yields for flowers, fruits and vegetables, promoting vigorous production of essential oils, resins, and fragrances. Bloom is a non-burning formula that contains no fish, just like Grow. 

Grow & Bloom are recommended for hand feeding applications and are not compatible with drippers or hydroponics. 

Earth Juice offers a diverse selection of premium fertilizer products to meet the nutritional demands of all plants. Its products are crafted to suit every soil type and hydroponic gardening. Earth Juice has been recognized as one of the finest lines of quality plant products for more than two decades.


  • Encourages rich flower development
  • Aids in the creation of essential oils, resins and fragrances of flowering and fruiting plants
  • Product may settle. Shake vigorously


Follow the Earth Juice Original feed charts for best results.

Earth Juice Feeding Charts