Tupur Avoids These 4 Soil Problems

Gardening is considered by some serious growers to be an art, and if they’re growing on a large scale, it may also be a living. This inspires some growers to look for better ways to grow their plants, and sometimes soil isn’t giving them what they’re looking for. Royal Gold’s soilless growing medium Tupur could be the perfect alternative.

Switching to Tupur can avoid these common soil problems:

Tupur soil

Pests: Traditional soil can come with underground pests like cutworms and wireworms that cause havoc by attacking roots, bulbs, and germinating seeds. Soilless mediums like Tupur come free and clear of insects, nematodes, and harmful fungi.

Weed Seeds: When purchasing traditional soil, weed seeds can be present before the soil even gets in the ground. Soilless mediums are composed of a mixture of components free of pesky weeds so growers know they’re getting a media that’s fresh and unspoiled with unwanted seeds.

Bacteria: While there are beneficial bacteria that help plants at the root-level, there are harmful bacteria as well. These can cause disease and damage to the plant’s tissues. Soilless growing media arrive without added bacteria, so growers can choose their own additions to their grow without fear of harmful microbes affecting their crops.

Drainage: When planting in the ground, drainage issues can happen even when the soil has been tilled and well amended. Soilless mediums allow for better drainage and aeration, preventing harmful conditions such as overwatering, which can lead to root-rot.

For professional growers, their agriculture is what they depend on. This is where soilless growing mediums come into play for cultivators that want to start with a blank slate where they control what water, nutrients, and microbes the plants are given from germination until harvest.

Tupur soil mix

A soilless medium is a mix of mediums like peat, coco coir, and basalt that can be used in a hydroponic system or in pots. Soilless media are free of contaminants, have great aeration and drainage abilities, and can allow the grower to apply whatever mix of nutrients they feel is right for their crop.

Royal Gold has a soilless mix called Tupur, which contains coco fiber, aged forest materials, perlite, and basalt. It was designed with the idea of feeding the plants as much and often as possible, and it can be watered up to 6 times a day without overwatering, which makes it ideal for grows with automated watering systems. Royal Gold Tupur is also good to use in hand watered container gardens, with organic or conventional feeding programs – showing just how flexible a soilless grow can be!

For growers ready to take control over exactly what nutrition their plants get Royal Gold Tupur will take their grow to the next level.

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