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The IHORT Q-Plug Makes Sprouting Easy

Growing your plants from seeds can be a cost-effective approach that allows the gardener to have control over every stage of growth. That being said, gardeners need to take great care of their seedlings to ensure that they grow into strong, healthy plants.

A propagation plug like the IHORT Q-Plug is made of peat and other organic materials and provides a safe home for the seed as it germinates. It is designed so that it can later be transplanted into a larger space, and it also works well in a hydroponic grow. The Q Plug provides optimum air/water ratios for proper root development, as well as insulation and natural buffering for more uniform growth.

Since growers generally plant many seeds at a time, the best way to make use of the propagation plugs is by using the Q-Plug 50 Count Propagation Kit, which contains 50 40/40 size plugs, a carrier tray, and a 50-Cell Plug Tray, providing the ideal growing environment for seedlings.

This setup is ideal to give your seeds the strongest start possible. which provides excellent aeration and buffering for root development, with superior water control compared to other propagation plugs. These details help ensure a solid start for the grow because a strong foundation is the first step to success, and healthy, robust root systems are an important part of this process.

Find more information on IHORT’s line of propagation supplies here.