Soil First: An Interview With Earth Alive

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At Left Coast Wholesale, we believe in providing the most beneficial cultivation products, while partnering with manufacturers who seek to make a positive impact on the growing community. That’s why we are so proud of our partnership with Earth Alive Clean Technologies, makers of the innovative Earth Alive Soil Activator and advocates of worldwide agricultural sustainability.

Earth Alive Soil Activator is an organic biostimulant that converts soil minerals into easily absorbable nutrients, promoting greater plant health, enhanced growth, and maximized yields.

To help demystify this process, we spoke with Earth Alive Chief Agronomist Simon Neufeld about the benefits of Earth Alive Soil Activator and their mission to overcome worldwide environmental challenges.

Left Coast Wholesale: How would you describe Earth Alive Soil Activator to someone who may be hearing about it for the first time?

Simon Neufeld: Earth Alive Soil Activator is like a powerful probiotic for your plants. It’s packed with beneficial bacteria that help to digest, mobilize, and protect plant nutrients in the root zone – just like probiotics in our gut help us digest and absorb nutrients from our food.

What was the inspiration and process behind the development of Earth Alive Soil Activator?

Our products are built on a foundation we call the Soil First Platform. We believe that creating healthy, vibrant soil is the first step to unlocking sustainable diverse ecosystems. Soil Activator was developed as a natural, ecological product that would maximize plant growth regardless of soil, climate, or the crop being grown.

How does soil activator work and what should growers expect once they have applied it?

Earth Alive Soil Activator contains three specially-selected strains of naturally occurring bacteria. These bacteria perform a range of beneficial actions in the root zone, including nitrogen fixation out of the air, phosphorus solubilization, organic matter mineralization, and more. Growers can expect to see effects like improved shoot and root growth, bigger and greener leaves, more flower and bud production. The product also helps to retain moisture in the soil, which means potentially less frequent watering will be necessary.

“Growers can expect to see effects like improved shoot and root growth, bigger and greener leaves, more flower and bud production.”

This product has been tested with a variety of crops all over the world. What have you learned from these experiments? Did anything surprise you?

Growers have used Soil Activator in North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia on a wide range of crops including fruits, vegetables, grains, orchards, and cannabis. Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise if you really think about it – but we’ve learned that after thousands of years of coevolution plants really do grow better with their microbial partners, and that even the most effectively fertilized crop can benefit from the addition of beneficial bacteria. 

How and when should Earth Alive Soil Activator be used for the best possible effect?

Earth Alive Soil Activator should be applied at the time of planting or transplanting, or during the early vegetative stage. After application, the bacteria “wake up” and start multiplying. Soon they will have established colonies in the root zone where they will be able to maintain their populations over the course of the production cycle. There isn’t anything inherently “wrong” with applying Soil Activator later in the cycle, the plant just won’t have as much time to enjoy the product’s beneficial effects on the root zone.

Finally, Earth Alive Soil Activator is just one part of your mission to provide solutions to major worldwide challenges, such as soil degradation and chemical pollution. How do you approach these issues and what impact do you hope to make in the growing community and the world in general?

The Agriculture Division of Earth Alive operates on one simple conviction: a healthy and natural soil is essential for productive and sustainable agriculture. Through our Soil First Platform™, we have developed product lines that are agronomically effective, environmentally sustainable, and safe for humans. Overcoming global challenges such as climate change, soil degradation, and water quality will require new and innovative techniques and tools – not just in theory but in practice. The availability of soil-regenerating inputs for all scales of agricultural production is a major challenge in the worldwide supply chain, and it’s a challenge that we stay focused on through all our operations and decision-making.

“We believe that creating healthy, vibrant soil is the first step to unlocking sustainable diverse ecosystems.”

We thank Simon Neufeld and Earth Alive for taking the time to tell us more about their high-quality product and their efforts to face the challenges of worldwide agricultural sustainability. Visit our shop or call a Left Coast Wholesale sales representative at (800)681-1757 to bring Earth Alive Soil Activator to your store.

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