Scissors in a garden make more sense than you might think

Fall is the time for harvest, and for cleaning up the garden – no matter what size the grow. Gardening shears are a tool that most gardeners rely on, and while useful, they’re BIG. There are a plenty of detail-oriented chores that would be better (and more neatly) achieved by using a sharp pair of gardening scissors. This handheld tool can make a huge difference in the garden, and may even make harvest easier, neater, and help avoid bruised veggies or excess trimming.

Trimming plants in a park

Long used by hobby gardeners, commercial growers may find that garden scissors help keep the plants being harvested more presentable to their buyers. Here are the top 5 things garden scissors are useful for:

Harvesting vegetables: Vegetables can be pulled from the ground, or plucked from a vine, but if done too roughly, can result in a bruised or damaged vegetable that will be liable to decay quicker and may not be suitable for sale. A pair of garden scissors will allow the stubborn vegetable to be clipped cleanly from the vine, avoiding accidently gripping it too tightly.

Veggie trim

Deadheading flowers: While it sounds spooky, this is just the gardening term used for the removal of faded or dead flowers from plants. Initially, it may seem that this is done just to make sure the plants are aesthetically pleasing, it’s an important task that keeps the flowers healthier and can enhance the flowering efficacy of perennials.

flower trimming

Trimming herbs: Herbs like rosemary and thyme need to be trimmed as the grow so they don’t become too woody, and new growth can form. Garden scissors worked wonderfully when harvesting herbaceous herbs like oregano, chives, and mint – you’ll have clean bushels of herbs to dry or use for dinner, and you won’t run the risk of inadvertently tearing the growing plant if you try to use your fingers to grab the leaves. Tearing the leaf can leave the plant vulnerable to disease, lessening the amount of usable herb.

Trimming herbs

Edging: Usually seen in personal gardens, yards, or landscaping for restaurants and hotels, a clean, smooth line that gives a finished look to a lawn where it meets a garden bed, or along the edges of a walkway. It takes far more effort than leaving the job to a weed-whacker or lawnmower, but spending some time with some garden scissors to clean up the lines will make a huge overall difference in the first impression of the yard. 

Ornamental succulents

Pruning ornamental shrubs: Along with clean lines for lawns, garden scissors are fantastic for spot trimming shaped hedges like boxwood or ornamental topiary. While they’re definitely not for undertaking  the original shaping of the shrubs, garden scissors will do a great job neatly trimming the stray growth that can make the plant look unkempt if not maintained every few days.

Scissor Scrubber

One of the ways to make sure your garden scissors are up to the job every season is to make sure they’re kept clean and well maintained. A good way to do this is with the Harvest More Scissor Scrubber. The Harvest More Scissor Scrubber is an efficient and portable tool that cleans your garden scissors in seconds, and without a mess.

Second view of the scissor scrubber

To use the Harvest More Scissor Scrubber simply open the lid, remove the brushes, fill the container with the preferred cleaning solution, and let your scissors soak. After spending time in the garden doing all the detail work, it’s good to have something that does part of the job for you!

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