Propagation Supplies to Give Your Customers a Strong Start

Hand planting seedlings in IHORT propagation tray.

As spring approaches, cultivators at every level are getting ready to prepare this year’s soil, plant new seeds, and make clones from their mother plants. That’s why it’s the perfect time to stock your shelves with the best propagation supplies on the market. Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with our recommended products to give your customers a healthy start on this year’s grow.

IHORT Propagation Kit

IHORT Propagation Supplies

IHORT offers a complete line of supplies to help cultivators start new plants from seeds or clones without the mess of loose soil for a cleaner, compostable alternative when propagating.

IHORT Propagation Kit

The IHORT Propagation Kit offers a complete system for growing new seeds and clones with ease. This handy kit includes 50 Quick Start Plugs, a 50-cell Quick Start Plug tray, and a carrier tray, all in one convenient package.

IHORT Quick Start Plugs

IHORT Quick Start Plugs help seeds or cuttings take root in ideal growing conditions with their proprietary blend of peat moss, coco coir, and bio char. Each plug is designed to deliver the optimum amount of moisture and aeration to ensure that new plants root faster and stronger.

IHORT Carrier Trays

IHORT’s 1020 Carrier Trays allow for easy watering, storage, and transportation of seedlings and clones. They are ideal for propagation projects and automated filling operations.

IHORT Humidity Dome

The 7” IHORT Humidity Dome provides an optimal humidity enclosure for seeds and clones and fits snugly onto the 1010 Carrier Tray. Included vents allow for fine tuning of humidity levels to support the healthy propagation of delicate new plants.

Find IHORT’s complete line of propagation solutions here.


4 bottles of Vitathrive Propagation Solution in a variety of sizes.

Vitathrive Propagation Solution delivers a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals formulated to reinforce plant health and support essential functions during the vegetative stage. This beneficial supplement contains a full compliment of B-vitamins and carefully selected elements to reduce stress, boost immunity response, and help break down molecules for easier absorption, leading to healthier plants and more rapid growth.


1 bucket and 2 bags of DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal inoculant in a variety of sizes.

DYNOMYCO is a top-quality mycorrhizal inoculant that supercharges a plant’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients in the soil  with 900 propagules per gram of endomycorrhizal fungi that connect to the roots and form a symbiotic relationship with the plant. DYNOMYCO provides 90% phosphorus fertilizer efficiency for improved bud development & yield, while reducing application costs up to 5x.

DYNOMYCO’s unique strains are compatible with high salinity and high pH environments, allowing it to be used with synthetic fertilizer regimens, harsh growing conditions, and most forms of physical growing media soil, coco, soilless blends. Growers will see better plant development, stem thickness, and root systems as a result of introducing DYNOMYCO to their crop.

Earth Alive Soil Activator

Earth Alive Soil Activator is an organic biostimulant that converts soil minerals into easily absorbable nutrients, promoting greater plant health, enhanced growth, and maximized yields. Made of naturally occurring soil microorganisms and all-natural forestry byproduct, Soil Activator can be applied to soil or coco growing media to boost nutrient uptake and improve moisture retention to support bacterial populations, establishing an ideal environment for root development and plant growth.

Geoflora VEG

Geoflora VEG provides an easy to use, organic fertilizer designed to boost plant growth in the vegetative stage with 19 natural ingredients and beneficial bacteria that aid in the transport and availability of macro and secondary nutrients. Delivered in a dustless, granular form, Geoflora VEG encourages strong microbial activity, delivers multiple sources of nitrogen to discourage burning, and ensures a balanced release cycle of a diverse blend of micronutrients, all of which promote vigorous canopy growth and healthy root development.

Roots Organics Buddha Grow

Bottles of Roots Organics Buddha Grow

Growers interested in a liquid nutrient can look to Roots Organics Buddha Grow to promote plant health, substantially increase yields, and enhance the quality and flavor of this year’s crop. Created by Aurora Innovations, Buddha Grow offers a distinctive blend of the finest organic ingredients harvested from natural sources around the world.

Buddha Grow is derived from bat guano, kelp extract, soy extract, molasses, worm castings, and yucca extract, and can be used throughout the entire life of the plant, though in reduced amounts in the bloom phase, due to its small amount of nitrogen.

Starting From Scratch

We hope that you find some propagation products in this list that give your customers a strong start on their propagation of seeds and clones. Visit our shop to browse our curated selection of high-quality cultivation products for every stage of the growing season!