Trimbag® Dry Trimmer

MSRP Price: $399.00

The Trimbag is the first collapsible, bladeless, handheld dry trimmer on the market specially designed for the processing of dried medicinal herbs and hops. Trimbag features a design that doesn’t require spare parts for maintenance and can be easily stored until you’re ready to trim. The patented tumble-trim method, combined with the robust construction that Trimbag is known for, allows for up to 2 pounds of dry product to be trimmed in just about 15 minutes. Some minor detail work can be necessary, but this pales in comparison to the amount of time spent in a fully manual trimming operation.

The Trimbag makes your harvest easier with customized control. You decide the quantity of product per batch, time in use, and number of rotations, and a convenient collapsible design that features BPA free canvas and a soft carrying case that makes it easy to store and ship. Because Trimbag is blade-free, it’s even easier to ship without running into restrictions, even internationally! Best of all, the Trimbag is completely manual: no extra cords to haul around or electrical sockets to look for.

The Trimbag saves you even more time with the minimal maintenance it requires to work well every season. The maintenance will always be minimal; all it requires is removal of debris between uses and occasional lubrication of the zipper. This is the easiest harvest clean up you’ll have.


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