Roots Organics Ancient Amber

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Roots Organics Ancient Amber is a highly-soluble natural nitrogen source extracted from nettle and a non-GMO soybean meal that is perfect for the transition period between veg and flower. Ancient Amber is a soluble foliar spray that provides amino acid nitrogen. It works well watered in but shines as a foliar feed.

Derived from soybean fermentation extract and nettle extract.

Direction for use:

Seedlings and Small Plants

Add 1 – 2 tsp (5 – 10 ml) per gallon.

Mature Vegetative and Flowering Plants

Add 1 tsp – 1 TBS (5 – 15 ml) per gallon.

Soil Use

Add 1 TBS (15 ml) per gallon.

Hydroponic Use

Add 1 tsp – 1 TBS (5 – 15 ml) per gallon with every reservoir change.

Foliar Spray

Add 1 tsp (5 ml) per quart/liter.