Growth Science® Organics – Humic Tonic®

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Growth Science’s Humic Tonic is a humic acid supplement designed to feed microbial life in soil and encourage the availability of nutrients. Humic Tonic is composed of humic acid derived from a fossilized mineral known as leonardite, which undergoes a natural process of compression and heat over time, transforming it into a mineral made of nutrient-rich prehistoric plant life.

Why use Humic Tonic?

Humic Tonic provides your soil with organic material to improve the efficacy of your fertilizers and regulate soil conditions by revitalizing the soil and improving soil health over time. As an indispensable component to the health of your microbial environment, humic acid works synergistically as a primary chelator in the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients, creating a complete and bioavailable food-source from which your plants can feed. Over time, your newly enriched soil will be able to retain more nutritional matter, thereby reducing the amount of fertilizer inputs that was formerly required, creating a reusable media that you can depend upon for results that count.

This formula is a CDFA OIM, WSDA-Registered Material, Clean Green Certified, and OMRI Listed, making it a must-have for NOP-compliant or Organic-Focused systems. This and all Growth Science products are safe to use in automated delivery systems such as Dosatron® and other fertilizer injectors.

Available in quart, gallon, 2.5-gallon, 6-gallon, and 55-gallon sizes. Totes available by request.

Directions for use:

Humic Tonic is used throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.
Early Vegetative through Late Bloom – 5-10 ml/gallon
Final Week – Flush with ph balanced water (6.2-6.5 pH)
Shake well before use.