Growth Science® Organics – Bloom

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A strong foundation is key to giving your plants the best start possible. It provides countless benefits to the plant during its complicated life cycle and helps the plant reach its true potential. Growth Science Organics Grow & Bloom is that foundation. Developed with sustainably sourced and organic ingredients, Grow & Bloom provides plants with essential amino acids, proteins, fats, and oils thanks to a unique form of fish hydrolysate as a base. In addition to the fish base, each formula combines organic additives like kelp and molasses and others that provide the necessary secondary and micronutrients needed for a bountiful crop. These organic inputs also help establish a regenerative growing media that can be reused cycle after cycle.


Bloom contains everything your plants need to support a healthy fruit and flower set. The added phosphorus and potassium support flower formation, aided by organic inputs specially selected to deliver results. Blackstrap molasses, kelp, and potassium sulfate act as mineral-rich flowering enhancers, driving the flowering process and maximizing plant potential. These inputs combine with the fish protein hydrolysate specially sourced for the fats, amino acids, and oils that drive cellular growth to create a synergistic bloom formulation built to boost your flowering cycle.
Available in quart, gallon, 2.5-gallon, 6-gallon, and 55-gallon sizes. Totes available by request.

This formula is a CDFA OIM, WSDA-Registered Material, Clean Green Certified, and OMRI Listed®, making it a must-have for NOP-compliant or organic-focused systems. This and all Growth Science products are safe to use in automated delivery systems such as Dosatron® and other fertilizer injectors.

Directions for use:

Bloom is used in the transition and flowering phases of the plant’s life cycle.

Transition to Flower – 10-15 ml/gallon
Bloom – 15 ml/gallon
Late Bloom – 10 ml/gallon
Final Week – Flush with ph balanced water (6.2-6.5 pH)
Shake well before mixing. For fish-based products, separation of oil and proteins is completely natural.

Fertigation Directions:

Make sure to run clean water through lines after every feeding.
Do NOT store diluted or after nutrients have been mixed with water.