Green Planet Nutrients – Medi One

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Medi One is a one-part base nutrient system formulated with readily available macro- and microelements certified for organic use. Expect vigorous vegetative growth and vibrant floral production with only one bottle. This is the base for the Medi One Feed Program. Medi One is a complete one-part base nutrient formulated for the medical grower. It is a fully balanced blend of all-natural ingredients that produce vigorous growth in the vegetative stage and resinous aromatic flora production in the flowering stage. This formula contains hydrolyzed fish soluble extracts that are slowly steamed to preserve the amino acids. This is blended with mined potassium sulfate to provide additional nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These ingredients increase microbial activity in the grow medium, which helps the plant break down larger organic particles into a size that the plant can easily uptake and use. All Medi One components are carefully assembled to ensure they form a complete and cohesive nutrient source that provides everything the plant needs in all stages of growth.
Directions for use:

Shake the bottle well prior to use. Apply the product at a rate of 4-19 ml/gallon of water twice per week. Adjust pH to the desired levels. Refer to the Medi One Feed Program for application rates during each week of plant growth.


Medi One is ideal for beginner-level growers who are daunted by the numerous parts in other nutrient lines and the challenge of working with multiple bottles or complicated feed-chart steps.