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GEOPLANTER® Accessories

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Sungrower Supply Trellis Netting Kits for GeoPlanter maximize fruit and flower spacing while reducing ground contact and minimizing costly spoilage from mold and fungus.

Sungrower Supply Trellis Netting provides optimal canopy management support while ensuring plants have optimal light and air exposure.

The wide, durable design of the clear 6-inch squares of the lightweight plastic trellis makes installation effortless. Double-reinforced perimeter edges of the trellis netting make it easy for gardeners to add supportive bamboo stakes or plant ties, increasing the load-bearing weight of the trellis netting.

Sungrower Supply Trellis Netting Kits are available for the 48” x 48” and 48” x 96” GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Beds.

The Trellis Kit includes 4-way PVC connectors, zip ties, and trellis netting. PVC pipes are not included.


Left Coast offers 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way PVC connectors. The 3-way connectors can be used as replacement corners for GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Beds or for creating the upper corners of a trellis structure. The 4-way connector can be used as a replacement for the 3-way corner connector to allow the attachment of PVC pipes for trellising. The 5-way PVC connector is mainly for connecting larger trellising structures for our longer planters such as the 48” x 96” size and is placed at the base of the planter in place of the 4-way connector to allow the use of a central trellis support. All connectors fit ¾” PVC pipes that can commonly be found at your local hardware store.