G-Lite® Fabric Pots

MSRP Price: $1.65$24.60

Affordable Fabric pot options for Cost-Conscious Growers

G-Lite containers, constructed of a slightly thinner version than the signature GeoPot fabric, give growers an economical alternative to the GeoPot series. This sturdy construction allows for sufficient structural rigidity during transplant and throughout a plant’s life cycle. Like GeoPot, the G-Lite series is designed to withstand constant moisture and UV exposure. G-Lite fabric pot’s porous fabric enables air-pruning of plants’ roots as they reach the container’s edge, ensuring excellent drainage and an optimal root environment.

The seams on the G-Lite fabric pots are double-stitched for durability with the same high-quality bonded-polyester thread used in the traditional GeoPot. This sturdy construction allows for sufficient structural rigidity during transplant and throughout a plant’s life cycle. The G-Lite fabric pot’s sturdy handles (optional) make it easy to quickly and safely move your plants, while the square-bottoms ensure stability and efficient space usage in your grow area.

Beside the craftsmanship and durability you expect from GeoPot, the G-Lite line offers something else the competition usually doesn’t: choices. The G-Lite line is available in sizes 1-10 gallon with and without handles while the G – Lite XL is available in 15-100 gallon sizes. You’ll always know you’ve received the right G-Lite pot; all regular G-Lite sizes 1-10 gallon come in black, and all G-Lite XL sizes 15-100 gallon are made with a sturdy gray geotextile material. Designed with the commercial cultivator in mind, G-Lite XL brings proven results into an economical solution for high-volume container growing.


Air-pruning exposes root tips to dry air, effectively stopping the roots’ growth. This enables the plant to accommodate its established boundaries and start creating secondary feeder roots rapidly.

This cycle repeats continuously, allowing more efficient water and nutrient uptake in your container garden. The overall effect is a well-developed root system grown in a fraction of the time needed for traditional planting containers.

G-Lite Volume Chart

1 GAL 0.13 0.005 11.22 Pots/Bag 202
2 GAL 0.25 0.009 6.09 Pots/Bag 109
3 GAL 0.45 0.017 3.32 Pots/Bag 59
5 GAL 0.69 0.025 2.18 Pots/Bag 39
7 GAL 0.98 0.036 1.53 Pots/Bag 27
10 GAL 1.40 0.052 0.93 Pots/Bag 19
15 GAL 1.91 0.071 1.27 Pots/Bag 14
20 GAL 2.73 0.101 1.81 Pots/Bag 9
30 GAL 4.32 0.16 2.87 Pots/Bag 6
45 GAL 5.96 0.221 3.97 Pots/Bag 4
65 GAL 8.38 0.31 5.58 Pots/Bag 3