Gardner FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards

MSRP Price: $10.49

Gardner FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards are a staple in any IPM program. Fungus gnats, thrips, whiteflies, aphids, and leafminers can all be detected, identified, and controlled by incorporating insect monitor sticky cards into your IPM regimen. Each FlyWeb card is double-sided and measures 4” wide x 8” tall and is coated with an all-natural and nontoxic high-strength glue designed to have high longevity in high humidity and moisture-laden environments. FlyWeb cards are the best way to proactively monitor your crop and create the first line of defense against pest infestation.

FlyWeb cards are incredibly versatile and are traditionally hung from branches to monitor and control insects like aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies, thrips, and leaf miners. Yellow/Yellow cards are ideal for small flying insects such as aphids and whiteflies when hung from branches.

FlyWeb cards are user friendly and compact and can be split into three cards with serrated edges. This allows for greater flexibility than most traditional cards. The easy-peel covers on each side allow cards to be used double- or single-sided and prevent sticky glue from getting on your hands or clothes. There are 10 FlyWeb cards in a resealable pack, and a case quantity of 10 packs.


For adult fungus gnats, create a physical barrier by placing the cards around the base of the stem–adults will become trapped on the cards as they leave or enter the area. For soil-borne insects or protection of young plants, perforations allow for placement at the base of the plant and can be hung without having excess weight on developing branches.

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