Ecostadt Technologies – ECOMAX™ Neem Kernel Fertilizer

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ECOMAX 6-1-2 is a slow-release plant nutrient rich in protein, carbohydrates, macronutrients, and trace micronutrients that supports plant nutrition, improves soil health, and provides microbial nutrition, which promotes healthy soil biology.


ECOMAX 6-1-2 is a vegan organic plant nutrient derived from Neem, a renowned herb that’s been a part of traditional natural remedies for almost 5,000 years. UsingECOMAX as a soil amendment will provide users with improved soil health, flourishing microbial communities, and a well-developed canopy. Neem’s immense untapped potential in plant nutrition and plant health is just beginning to unfold with the recognition of its innumerable benefits. ECOMAX is 100% safe for the planet, plants, people, and pets and provides a cost-effective organic fertilizer that is easy to use in any garden with innumerable benefits to users. ECOMAX is an essential tool in any gardener’s toolbox for guaranteeing a quality start and finish for your plants.

ECOMAX is best used when amended into the soil prior to transplanting. For container gardeners, amend ½ cup per gallon of growing media. ECOMAX is compatible with all soil or soilless growing media and can be applied as a tea. For native soil application, apply 5 pounds per 100 Square Feet of area. Reapplication can be done as needed.


  • Amend ECOMAX prior to transplant to reduce the use of Nitrogen-based fertilizers in Veg
  • Amend ECOMAX to improve soil health and feed beneficial microbes
  • Using ECOMAX can help reduce the alkalinity of soil, reducing the need for replacement over time
  • Helps mask strong odors of some organic fertilizers
  • Creates optimal soil environment for transplanted plants to thrive
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