Earth Alive Clean Technologies – Soil Activator®

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Soil Activator from Earth Alive is a patent-pending biofertilizer composed of a blend of naturally occurring soil microorganisms with an all-natural forestry by-product. Soil Activator contains two Bacillus species and one Pseudomonas species specifically designed to mobilize soil nutrients and break down organic matter to improve yields in your crop. This easy to use amendment can be applied to soil or coco growing media for an extra boost to your nutrient uptake, making it an ideal additive for growers of all types. Soil Activator has been thoroughly tested and is used by large scale agricultural operations around the world as a part of the microbial revolution that is changing the way we understand agronomic fertilizer applications.

Soil Activator offers a number of benefits for soil growers thanks to the specially selected consortia of bacteria it contains that help break down organic matter and release the nutrients in your soil. Soil Activator contains Bacillus bacteria species that help convert unusable nitrogen into usable nitrogen to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer needed by growers–a great cost-saving feature! In addition to nitrogen level increases, Soil Activator will solubilize phosphorus and improve micronutrient availability to help boost yields during flowering and fruiting cycles, preventing excessive leaching and can be added by simply amending into the soil during seeding or prior to transplant and then adding water runoff and ensuring you get the most out of your feedings. Soil Activator will also improve the moisture retention of your soil to support bacterial populations and will help your plants manage transplant shock thanks to the colonization of bacteria that aid in the transport of nutrients and provide the ideal soil environment for root development and establishment. Soil Activator is a must-have for organic and conventional growers alike thanks to its cost-savings and yield improvements that can be as high as 27%!

Directions for use:

Apply once per crop cycle at seeding, transplant, or early vegetative stage.

For amendment applications, apply 1.76 oz per 10 gallons of growing media and mix thoroughly, and then add water to create the ideal environment for the bacteria.

If amendment is not possible, soil activator can be added to the nutrient solution at a rate of 1.76 oz per gallon and watered into your soil alongside your fertilizer regimen.

It is recommended to wait 48 hours to allow for the bacteria in Soil Activator to populate in the soil.

Dry Mix: Apply 1lb of Soil Activator per 100 lbs of seed or fertilizer.

Wet Mix: Mix up to 6.5 oz of Soil Activator per gallon of water. Best applied as soil drench using coarse spray nozzles for optimal soil penetration.

Acreage Rates:

Field Crops: 3.5 lbs/acre

Field Crops, Broadcast, Horticultural Crops: 9 lbs/acre

Large Perennials: 22 lbs/acre; apply in a ring around base