BTL and Ginegar Plastics – Custom Clear Greenhouse Poly

MSRP Price: $0.1500$0.6200 per square foot
plus add-ons

Left Coast Wholesale is proud to offer custom-cut greenhouse covers to our customers with a wide range of options to suit most weather and growing conditions.

Getting your greenhouse dialed in and producing at full capacity can be quite an undertaking. With so many factors to consider regarding what’s going on inside, it’s important to remember that what’s on the outside matters too. We are here to help you get the right greenhouse cover to maximize yields and keep you producing at full potential.

You will notice two different ratings next to each cover description. The first rating is the light transmission rating, which is a measure of how much light can reach your plants through the cover without being obscured or reflected. As a general rule, thin stock like 6 mil will allow for more light transmission and heat retention than thicker stocks.

The second rating is for its diffusion, which is a measure of how much light is scattered or spread out. Diffused light is more effective at penetrating deep into the canopy and is evenly distributed as opposed to hitting only the tops of your plants. This results in increased photosynthetic productivity in the entire plant, maximizing yields.

Ginegar Plastics: 6 Mil Clear Non-woven Greenhouse Poly

Left Coast Wholesale offers Custom-Cut Clear Greenhouse Poly in 6 mil non-woven styles with 90% light transmission and with three different rates of diffusion: 25%, 62%, and 65%. Although the 6 mil is thin, it is made of durable polyethylene resin, which allows optimum light transmission for ideal plant growth. The light diffusion properties help to maintain the optimum greenhouse environment for your grow and help reduce heat loss. 6 Mil Clear Poly is recommended for moderate climates where cultivators need to take full advantage of available sunlight.

6 Mil Clear Poly is also available with an anti-condensate (AC) coating with 85% light transmission and 65% diffusion. The anti-condensation coating prevents condensation from adhering to or gathering on your poly, which can create hot-spots in your greenhouse resulting in uneven growth.

BTL: 9 and 12 Mil Woven Greenhouse Poly

For a thicker, more durable stock, Left Coast Wholesale offers 9 and 12 mil woven greenhouse poly with custom-cut option. The 9 mil woven greenhouse poly has an 87% light transmission rating and a 63% diffusion rating. The 9 mil woven poly is also coated with the anti-condensation coating, making it ideal for warmer climates and offering some reduction in heat retention.

The 12 mil woven greenhouse poly offers 82% light transmission and diffusion and is available with an anti-condensation coating option. 12 mil woven poly is ideal for hotter climates subject to intense direct sunlight for long periods of time and offers the greatest reduction in heat retention in our offerings.

Woven poly covers are more durable than the non-woven poly stocks, making them less susceptible to rips and tears from frequent use and harsh weather conditions. The improved durability of this stock makes it a great choice for your greenhouse.

Optional upgrades for all woven stocks are hem and grommets, which can be placed on the corners only or at an interval distance of your choice.

Final costs are provided by your sales rep.

There are no returns on custom-cut greenhouse poly. Measure twice!


Step 1: Measure dimension ‘A’ on your greenhouse frame. Dimension ‘A’ will be your ‘width’ measurement for your greenhouse or blackout poly. This measurement should be taken using the full length of the support beam as pictured. We recommend rounding this measurement up to the nearest foot and adding one extra foot to get a full edge to edge seal. Write this measurement down.

Step 2: Measure dimension ‘B’ on your greenhouse frame. Dimension ‘B’ will be the ‘length’ of your greenhouse or blackout poly, and should be measured from the outside end of your support structure to the opposite outside end. Round this measurement up to the nearest foot and write it down.

Step 3: Using the measurements taken, let your representative know the dimensions in A x B (width x length). Once your dimensions are confirmed, your representative will provide a quoted price and estimated delivery time. Happy growing!


To calculate the price of your custom greenhouse poly, multiply A by B to get the total square footage. Multiply the total square footage by the price per ft2 to get the total price for your custom poly.