It takes a lot to get the perfect growing space set up. Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with growing supplies to help get your grow on track and set up just right. Our supplies and accessories are vetted and proven to give you the extra edge you need to get the perfect crop this season.


Light Room Grow Tents make indoor growing hassle-free in any environment. Built with a highly reflective diamond pattern mylar interior, heavy-duty light-proof zippers, and high-quality 600-denier thick plastic that prevents pinholing or light leakage. Available in a variety of sizes that also feature intake/exhaust ports and vented light and power cord ports with double drawstring enclosures, a reflective water-proof floor tray, convenient observation windows, and a carrying case for ease of transport.


The robust construction of the braided ropes and ease-of-use of the carabiner clips make these a must-have for any indoor setup. The locking pulley design of the EZ Hanger Rope Ratchet makes it ideal for hanging lighting fixtures and adjusting them to the perfect height. Each ¼” EZ Hanger Rope Ratchet holds up to 150 lbs, and each ⅛” EZ Hanger Rope Ratchet holds up to 75 lbs. The EZ Hanger Rope Ratchet is the easiest way to hang your indoor lighting or growing equipment exactly where you need it!