Whether you’re looking for irrigation options for a large-scale operation or simply tired of hand watering, Left Coast Wholesale has an irrigation solution to fit your needs. Left Coast Wholesale offers innovative irrigation products from Octo-Flow, including the no-hassle 8-port adjustable irrigation manifold. Our innovative multiflow bubblers represent the best of the best when it comes to irrigation materials.


Octo-Flow is an 8-port adjustable irrigation manifold that allows growers to dial in their irrigation setups easily at any scale. The patented design allows users to dial in the flow rate of water with ease thanks to the innovative hex key plunger system. Simply adjust the plunger with the key to increase or decrease the flow rate. Furthermore, the innovative plunger design does not clog even when handling thick, viscous fertilizer solutions and eliminates the need for stock-flow rate adjustment attachments that other multi-port manifolds require, making it a perfect addition to any irrigation system.