Prepare Your Customers for Any Grow With Custom-Cut Greenhouse Poly

Interior of a greenhouse

As you know, every greenhouse grower has a unique set of needs and expectations when it comes to their growing environment. That’s why it pays to be ready with customizable options to help them thrive, and we’re here to help.

Did you know that Left Coast Wholesale offers Custom-Cut Greenhouse material for any size or shape of grow?

While most distributors only provide a limited selection of greenhouse covers in certain sizes, we understand that your customers sometimes need options that are tailored to their specific needs. With the help of a Left Coast Wholesale sales representative, you’ll be able to provide your customers with high-quality, long-lasting greenhouse covers for their unique situation. We can even add hems and grommets to woven poly for further customization. Providing this service to your customers can go a long way towards making your store an even more valuable resource for cultivators at every level.

To supply your customers with Custom-Cut Greenhouse Poly, use the measuring guide below to determine the specifications of the greenhouse structure and contact us for a quote. It really is that easy.

Custom-Cut Greenhouse Poly Measurement Guide

Step 1: Measure Dimension ‘A’ of the greenhouse frame, using the full length of the support beam as pictured. Dimension ‘A will be the ‘width’ measurement for the greenhouse material. We recommend adding 6 to 12 inches to this measurement to get a full edge-to-edge seal.

Step 2: Measure Dimension ‘B’ on your greenhouse frame from the outside edges of the support structure. Dimension ‘B’ will be the ‘length’ of the greenhouse material. We recommend adding 6 inches to this measurement.

Step 3: Get a quote on our website or contact your Left Coast Wholesale sales representative for a price quote and product recommendations.

The Perfect Fit

Your customers count on you to help them overcome the many challenges of growing. No two cultivators are exactly alike, which is why you need the flexibility to provide effective solutions for every situation. Left Coast Wholesale is here to assist you in that effort by offering high-quality products and services like our Custom-Cut Greenhouse Poly.

If you want your store to be a local resource for greenhouse growers, contact your Left Coast Wholesale sales representative to request our Duraline Greenhouse Poly sample booklet, containing swatches of every type of material we carry.

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