Our Sales Team Wants to Give You the Biggest Discount Possible

Left Coast Wholesale employees examining products

As you may already know, Left Coast Wholesale believes in a direct connection to our retail partners and a collaborative approach to business that makes sure we all grow and thrive together. That’s why we offer several benefits to help you succeed in our dynamic industry.

One of the advantages that we are most proud of is our Tiered Discount Program. Twice per year, we evaluate your eligibility for one of eight tiers of reduced pricing on over half of our products, based on the amount you spent over the past 12 months. As we’ve mentioned before, our program is unique because it allows you greater control and flexibility compared with other distributors who force you to commit in advance to future order amounts to receive a discount.

But we go even further in our efforts to help you succeed. One crucial aspect of our Tiered Discount Program is the way that our dedicated sales team works to make sure you’re getting the biggest discount possible.

Here’s How:

In the four weeks before each tier evaluation deadline (at the end of March and September), our sales team drops everything to focus solely on working with our retail partners to maximize their discounts.

First, they send general reminders that discount tier evaluations are approaching, allowing you time to review your inventory. This can help you take advantage of the opportunity to place orders for the upcoming high-volume growing season.

Next, your sales representative reviews your account to determine the best way to help you succeed. If you are close to reaching a higher discount tier or falling to a lower one, they will work with you to maintain or upgrade your discount level for access to the lowest possible prices. The best part is, our sales team knows their customers well, so they’ll be able to make specific product recommendations based on your order history, promotions, and inventory needs.

Growing Together

At Left Coast Wholesale, we depend on the strong relationships we’ve made in the cultivation industry. We know that our success is intertwined with yours, which is why we are proud of our generous and flexible Tiered Discount Program, as well as the other benefits we provide to our partners in the industry.

Contact your sales representative at to find out how you can get our high-quality cultivation products at the lowest possible prices.

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