Octo-Flow Makes Irrigation Simple

Greenhouse irrigation

Irrigation is a topic on every cultivator’s mind while setting up their grow. While professional agriculturalists with large-scale farms often hire irrigation companies to plan, set-up, and maintain the lines, good irrigation is possible for smaller-scale grows and hobby gardens alike with the right planning and tools. Octo-Flow helps simplify irrigation planning and implementation.

Once a grower gets their irrigation lines in place, the only thing left to do to get their grow off the ground is to get water volume, timing, and nutrients dialed in.

One of the common issues growers have with their system is overwatering. Because irrigation systems deliver water to the roots directly, there isn’t always a visible wet spot around the plant, and growers new to irrigation may overwater their crops in fear that they are underwatering. This will cause the plants to wilt, turn brown, and start dropping leaves.

Dialing in the flow rate correctly can be trial and error for a lot of growers, and is usually something they want to be able to do quickly once they’ve isolated the source of their plants’ ill health. Octo-Flow has the answer to this – and other – irrigation problems. Octo-Flow is an innovative 8 port stationary water irrigation manifold that allows the grower to control the flow rate or turn the flow off/on with a turn of the included hex key. If needed, it can be converted into a full-open version – all with a simple adjustment.

While the Octo-Flow 8 port manifold is a game-changer on its own, Octo-Flow wants to make sure every part of your irrigation system is above par. Flexible PVC Tubing from Octo-Flow is a must-have for those who are serious about getting the best quality materials for their irrigation projects. Made with food-grade materials inside and out, bind-free, and featuring a unique two-layered outer coating to maintain stable temperatures, Octo-Flow is a grower’s key to a simplified irrigation system.

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