Kids Growing Strong

The mission of Kids Growing Strong is to empower families and caregivers to inspire children to adopt healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition and exercise while motivating them to actively learn about themselves and the environment through science-based, hands-on garden activities.

Using hands-on activities, volunteers of Kids Growing Strong help kids to become energetic, engaged, and excited about the miraculous things that happen around them every day, unnoticed. The children get a little dirty and have a lot of fun playing with soil, water, seeds, plants, fruits, vegetables, bees, butterflies, and the other creatures and processes found in a garden. As they play, they build a strong knowledge base and develop the lifetime skills necessary to lead healthy lives and make informed decisions.

Over the years, Kids Growing Strong has reached over 750,000+ kids and their families at schools and public venues throughout California. This is an extraordinary achievement!

Last year, our donation of 500 1/4 gallon GeoPots and 500 1/2 gallon GeoPots, both with handles, provided a critical piece of Kids Growing Strong kits that allowed children to take their plants home with them and grow their own food!