Daily Acts

Daily Acts’ mission is to transform our communities through inspired action and education, which builds leadership and local self-reliance. This means tuning into the needs and realities of our community and world while aligning our work on what is needed most to address positive change.

Grounded in the belief that every choice matters, Daily Acts’ successful models create empowering solutions that regenerate nature and unleash community genius while spreading the skills, models, and policies to significantly reduce resource use, catalyze local self-reliance, and strengthen our climate resilience.

For 17 years, Daily Acts has helped transform communities by teaching practical skills and building inspiring models that highlight sustainable, cost-effective solutions, and the power of community. In partnership with local agencies, Daily Acts has organized large teams of volunteers to transform turf landscapes across Sonoma County into 29 public demonstration gardens. Combined, these gardens save approximately 5 million gallons of water per year while growing food, medicine, the habitat, and the community even as they help prevent stormwater runoff. Projects have ranged from homes to public parks, City Hall landscapes, community centers, low-income schools, churches, and more. In the last 6 years of record flooding, drought, and fire, we have launched new coalitions as well as programs to support the rebuild, address the environmental health needs of vulnerable populations, and increase civic engagement.

Beyond the numbers, Daily Acts’ events expose people to what is possible and provide the tools and resources to make it so. Participants learn to save water, grow food, conserve energy, reduce waste, build community, and cultivate their own leadership potential, sharing knowledge and skills with others in a growing ripple effect. They become more empowered, engaged, and effective as community leaders and catalysts for resilience.

Their current programs include:

  • Conservation & Stormwater Programs
  • Resilient Homes Program
  • Environmental Health Program
  • Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities
  • Networks and Alliances
  • (coming soon) Eco2School Program

To learn more or get involved, please visit