The School Garden Network of Sonoma County (SGN) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to the creation and support of thriving nutrition and garden-based learning programs for students in Sonoma County. Our programs impact hundreds of teachers and thousands of students each year through professional development training, on-site support, resource distribution, and skill sharing.


Daily Acts is a sustainability nonprofit that inspires action to create more nourishing, connected, and resilient communities. Grounded in the core belief that every choice you make matters, it takes a heart-centered approach to personal and community transformation. Its education programs, action campaigns, and strategic alliances connect people to each other and to their own power to grow food, conserve resources, and build local resilience.


Kids Growing Strong brings interactive exhibits and learning experiences that promote strong bodies, strong minds, and healthy lifestyles to kids and their families through garden-based activities throughout the state. The program makes it possible for children and families to enjoy learning about health, nutrition, science, and the environment by presenting opportunities for them to have fun with hands-on, garden-based activities. Guided by friendly members of their own community, kids and their families learn about what goes on in a garden, nature’s cycles, growing food, healthy eating, exercise, food preparation, and other skills necessary to lead happy, healthy lives.