It may be winter, but now is the best time to prepare for spring

Winter may be in full swing, but it only lasts a season. Spring is right around the corner, and whether you grow professionally or as a hobby, we know you can’t wait for that warm air and soil in your hands!  A new season means a new grow, and whether you plan on having the same crop as you did last year, or starting with a whole new layout – there’s a whole lot of preparation you need to do!

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It may seem early, but a little forethought goes a long way towards avoiding crowded nurseries and sold-out supplies. From soil, fertilizer, trellis – everything but seeds – Left Coast Wholesale has it stocked up and ready to ship out for a successful growing season in 2020!

Here are our top 6 picks for what you need for your outdoor grow this season:


GeoPots: If you’re planning on using any containers in your grow, GeoPots are definitely the way to go! The GeoPot’s innovative quad-stitched construction allows the container to withstand constant moisture and prolonged UV exposure, while retaining its self-supporting form and structural integrity—even in challenging climatic conditions and during irrigation. The GeoPot with handles make it easy to quickly and safely move your plants, while the square-bottoms allow for efficient space usage in your grow area.  

Mendo Mix

Royal Gold Soil – Mendo Mix: Mendo Mix is a heavily amended coco/soil planting mix suited for fast-growing annuals. Mendo Mix is ideal for outdoor large-scale raised bed gardens in warmer climates, but it also performs well in container-style indoor gardens and greenhouses. This blend promotes adequate water-retention and oxygen-holding capacity, while supplying a rich fertility program of high-grade dry amendments to performance plants.

FlyWeb sticky cards

FlyWeb – Insect Monitor Sticky Cards: Perfect for pest control and monitoring, FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards are designed to capture all types of insects that harbor in and around plants. Fungus gnats, white flies, aphids, thrips, and leafminers are just a few of the species attracted to these traps. FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards feature an easy peel dual sided glue to reduce contact with hands and perforated cards for placement around the base of the stem or plug, tight space monitoring/control, or for general canopy monitoring.

Geoflora Nutrients

Geoflora Nutrients: You know you have to amend your soil, so why not keep it easy? Geoflora Nutrients is an easy to use organic fertilizer system that can be deployed on a large scale. By combining a granular form factor with a wide range of carefully selected organic ingredients, Geoflora Nutrients delivers a balanced charge of beneficial bacteria and over 19 organic inputs with diverse macro and secondary nutrient profiles, which work together to produce a simple yet effective solution for cultivators who want to see results – without the hassle.

iHort Kit

iHort Q Plug 50 Count Propagation Kit: Growing from seeds or cuttings? The iHort Propagation kit is ready to roll right out of the wrapper, and gives growers at any scale the ability to create stunning starts and healthy clones with ease!

Octoflow manifold

Octo-Flow – 8 Port Irrigation Manifold: It’s definitely time to upgrade your irrigation system, and the Octo-Flow 8 port adjustable irrigation manifold allows growers to dial in their irrigation setups easily at any scale. The patented design allows users to control their flow rate with ease thanks to an innovative hex key plunger system which modifies flow rates from 0-50 Gallons Per Hour with a simple turn of a key. The 8 Port Irrigation Manifold can also be quickly and easily converted into a full-open flow unit with a 667 Gallon Per Hour flow rate with the included plug and o-ring – you’re good to grow!

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This is just the beginning; Left Coast Wholesale has a wide array of products to make your spring season the best one yet! No need to wait until the snow melts to start stocking up on what you already know you’ll need – now is the best (and earliest!) time to get a head start.

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on outdoor growing supplies.  If you’re looking for outdoor growing supplies near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local Left Coast Wholesale product retailer!

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