It may be fall, but your cool-season plants still need food

As October winds down, many growers are preparing their gardens for a slow winter. Harvest is likely finished for the season, and many of the seasonal plants are going dormant. However, there are the cool-weather vegetables, herbs, and warm-season blooming perennials that should be planted now to make their appearance in spring.

Autumn Dahlias

Though these grows are happening ‘off-season’, these are all new plants that need the same level of care as spring and summer plants do. Making sure they have well amended, nutrient-rich soil is a good start, and Green Planet Nutrients has developed Karbo Boost – a custom blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that mimic plant’s natural carbohydrate profile.


Carbohydrates play a huge role in how a plant develops – provide building blocks for plant structural components, such as cellulose – which helps grow the cell walls – and they help deliver energy for growth. Besides helping to mimic a plant’s natural carbohydrate profile, Karbo Boost brings an ample food source to plant’s cellular building processes.

Plant cells

These cellular building processes create the cells in the plants that manufacture their own food when they use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugars and carbohydrates; the chemicals the cell uses for fuel. These cells are vital to the plant, and giving them Karbo Boost is a way to make sure those building blocks that allow plants to thrive have a solid foundation.

Fall Pumpkin

Karbo Boost is designed to be added to your existing nutrient schedule, so there’s no need to change anything you’ve already been doing for your grow. The ready-to-use carbohydrates Karbo Boost is supplying your plants with helps to alleviate the stress of food production, so more energy can be used on other basic functions – such as flowering! Karbo Boost can be used throughout the whole growth cycle, and if you’re starting late, it’s been noted that some of the best results actually come through when used during the flowering stage.

Karbo Boost

Though cool-season plants tend to have a shorter growing season than those that have had all summer to bloom, they still need to be tended and fertilized – Karbo Boost is making sure your plants are getting the food they need – and then some!

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