In the Mix: An Interview With Geoflora

Male gardener carrying bag of Geoflora VEG organic fertilizer

Here at Left Coast Wholesale, we focus on providing top-quality products to help your customers grow healthier plants and produce bigger yields. One of our longstanding favorites is Geoflora Nutrients, a simple-to-use organic dry fertilizer that delivers incredible results. Since 2018, we have proudly offered Geoflora’s VEG and BLOOM blends for cultivators at every level who appreciate the ease and effectiveness of their dust-free granular formula. 

As part of our ongoing interview series, we spoke with General Manager Dustin Marson about Geoflora’s mission to make organic growing simple and cost-effective for everyone.

Bags of Geoflora VEG and Geoflora BLOOM organic dry fertilizer

Left Coast Wholesale: How would you describe Geoflora’s mission to someone hearing about it for the first time?

Dustin Marson: Geoflora’s mission is to simplify organic growing and make it accessible for everyone. Geoflora features an easy-to-apply product that anyone can use, from beginner hobbyists to large-scale commercial cultivators, and our dustless, granular blend of 19+ natural ingredients allows growers to safely and simply fertilize the soil while reducing costs by 20% or more.

What led to the idea for Geoflora Nutrients?

We knew many commercial cultivators who were looking for a simple product that would allow them to grow organically while avoiding the measuring and mixing of a complex blend of ingredients. With a lot of research plus trial and error, Geoflora’s granular form was designed to meet those needs.

“Geoflora’s mission is to simplify organic growing and make it accessible for everyone.”

What can you tell us about Geoflora’s organic ingredients?

All of Geoflora’s ingredients are OMRI or CDFA approved, and our sources are vetted for quality, efficacy, and organic certification. That’s how we ensure that our fertilizer feeds your plants with the most high-quality and effective nutrients available. With everything from beneficial bacteria and humic acids to volcanic ash and alfalfa meal, our 19+ ingredients feed your plants with natural sources of energy that will enrich the soil and help plants thrive.

What are some of the benefits of growing with organic fertilizer?

Many growers are becoming more aware of practices like regenerative agriculture, no-till gardening, and permaculture. Geoflora is a product that integrates very well with those methods while supporting soil health and sustainability. Organic fertilizers like Geoflora allow you to deliver diverse sources of natural components and a beneficial charge of microbes that promote soil biology and plant health. This enables growers to continue to utilize their soil for multiple cycles, and even multiple years.

Growing organic also allows cultivators to produce a product clean of harmful heavy metals and chemicals while providing the consumer with improved flavor, aroma, and potency in their cannabis products. It doesn’t really get better than that. 

Why do you think Geoflora stands out from other nutrient systems?

Geoflora stands out because of the 19+ organic ingredients like bat guano, blood meal, composted turkey litter, and many others that are delivered in a unique, dustless, granular form. The various inputs of conventional dry fertilizers tend to separate and settle inside their container, which leads to an uneven distribution of ingredients and nutrient burn. Geoflora’s granular form, on the other hand, ensures an even delivery of all 19 ingredients, every time, with no need to worry about nutrient burn.

Another benefit of the granular structure is that growers won’t breathe in harmful airborne dust like they might with other dry fertilizers. All of this means that Geoflora is safer for plants AND people.

Geoflora also offers a simpler feeding schedule, and therefore a significant reduction in cost. Your plants only need one feeding every two weeks versus other fertilizers that require up to one or two feedings per week.

“Organic fertilizers like Geoflora allow you to deliver diverse sources of natural components and a beneficial charge of microbes that promote soil biology and plant health.”

What results would you expect growers to see after using Geoflora?

With Geoflora VEG, growers can expect to see super healthy stalk and root growth without the danger of nutrient burn caused by other fertilizers. Geoflora BLOOM leads to incredible fruit and flower development with enhanced aromatics. It’s inspiring to watch the improved daily development of the plant thanks to Geoflora.

What impact do you hope Geoflora has on the growing industry?

We strive to continue to give growers a simple, cost-effective way to grow organically. With the California growing community starting to pursue an organic cannabis cultivation process, Geoflora is a perfect fit for both small-scale and commercial grows, and we are here to support that effort for growers at every level.

We thank Dustin and Geoflora Nutrients for taking the time to tell us more about their product and their place in the cultivation industry. Learn more about their nutrients here, or call a Left Coast Wholesale sales representative at (800) 681-1757 to bring Geoflora Nutrients to your store.

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