Handle With Care: 4 Products for Successful Plant Management

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At Left Coast Wholesale, we understand that your customers come to you for products dedicated to every stage of their grow. Even though most of the attention goes to spring planting and fall harvest, the intervening months of summer are just as essential. This is the time when growers need to focus on maintaining and protecting the health of their plants. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our favorite products for plant support and canopy management.

Sungrower Trellis Netting

Good plant management starts with making sure that the leaves and stems are supported in their growth and have optimal access to light and air.

Sungrower Supply Trellis Netting provides optimal canopy support while ensuring plants have sufficient light and air exposure. It also allows growers to maximize fruit and flower spacing while reducing ground contact and minimizing costly spoilage from mold and fungus.

The durable, wide design includes 6-inch squares of lightweight polypropylene mesh and double-reinforced edges to enable growers to easily install the netting with stakes or plant ties to increase the load-bearing weight of the trellis.

Gardner FlyWeb Monitor Cards

It’s only natural that both outdoor and indoor plants will attract a wide variety of insects, some beneficial and some harmful. That’s why it’s so important for cultivators to keep a close eye on the growing environment to make sure the plants aren’t being overwhelmed by unwanted pests.

Gardner FlyWeb Cards are an easy-to-use tool for monitoring and controlling harmful pests in the canopy of any garden. Fungus gnats, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, and leafminers are just a few of the species attracted to the dual-sided glue of these traps, which can be placed around the base of the stem or hung anywhere on the plant for easy pest identification.

Each double-sided FlyWeb card measures 4” wide x 8” tall and is coated with an all-natural and non-toxic high-strength glue designed to endure high humidity environments. FlyWeb cards are the best way to proactively monitor your crop and create the first line of defense against pests. 

Guard ‘n Spray

Whether growers are seeing signs of a pest infestation or wisely intend to take proactive measures, the best approach is to safeguard their plants with natural products that won’t cause undue stress or hinder the growth process.

Guard ‘n Spray is an ideal option for gardeners looking for a safe, organic insecticide that integrates easily into a state-compliant Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Guard ‘n Spray’s natural formula effectively eliminates and prevents spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies, beetles, and thrips. Guard ‘n Spray also attacks mold and mildew spores, preventing their spread and helping to combat the reestablishment of new colonies.

Developed using a combination of food-grade ingredients and botanical extracts, Guard ‘n Spray is an OMRI-listed and FIFRA 25 (B)-approved pesticide product that is safe for food and feed crops, home and commercial gardens, and other applications.

ECOWORKS EC 4-in-1 Pesticide

For maximum effectiveness against potential infestations, it is best to use a variety of methods so growers can avoid the potential of pesticide resistance in their pests. This makes it important to  protect their plants with a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management system (IPM). To that end, we also recommend ECOWORKS EC.

ECOWORKS EC is an OMRI-Listed, organic broad-spectrum insecticide, miticide, nematicide, and fungicide available exclusively through Left Coast Wholesale. Formulated with cold-pressed neem oil and food-grade formulation inerts, ECOWORKS EC is effective against powdery mildew, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, and plant diseases such as botrytis and pythium, making it a truly versatile pest control tool.

Unlike other neem products, ECOWORKS EC is EPA registered and every batch is screened for unintended residues to ensure crop quality and consumer safety. The inert ingredients in ECOWORKS EC are natural, organic, safe, and contribute to improved UV stability as well as wetting and sticking properties. This makes ECOWORKS EC  a ready-to-use solution that does not require additional wetting or sticking agents.

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Natural Protection

Your customers need the best products to help them support and protect their plants. Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with these top-quality solutions for canopy management and pest control. Contact your sales representative to make sure you’re stocked for the summer months.

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