Geoflora is the gift that keeps on giving

The holidays are drawing near, and for many this means days off work, good food, and lots of rest. It can also mean a whole lot of gift-giving (and receiving!) no matter which holiday is celebrated! Growers – from hobbyists to professionals – may be expecting the usual; gloves, decorative pots, tools, but one of the things they really need is a gift they can really use when the weather starts warming up. Geoflora Nutrients, both VEG and BLOOM is the gift that will keep on giving – here’s how:

Geoflora nutrients

It’s a gift of ease: Applying fertilizer – especially on a large scale – can be cumbersome. There may be a lot of measuring and mixing done by the grower to achieve the right blend for the plants. This can get tiresome for a busy cultivator, but Geoflora nutrients make this step easy. By combining a granular form factor with a wide range of carefully selected organic ingredients, Geoflora nutrients delivers a balanced charge of beneficial bacteria and over 19 organic inputs with diverse macro and secondary nutrient profiles, which work together to produce a simple yet effective solution for cultivators who want to see results – without the hassle.

Healthy plants gift

It’s the gift of good health: Geoflora nutrients are OMRI Listed and registered CDFA OIM inputs, ensuring that they abide to the highest organic growing standards so that cultivators can grow organically, and with confidence in their fertilizer. Organically grown fruit and vegetables aren’t just good for the environment, they’re good for the health of the people who are eating them. So when your friend gives you the gift of a few tomatoes from their garden, you know they’ve been grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides; the gift of Geoflora nutrients has come back to you!

Clean air

It’s the gift of clear air:  Images of growers applying fertilizer usually depicts them wearing a face mask to protect from the fumes, and oftentimes a pair of rubber gloves as well. Geoflora nutrients eliminates the need for any of that! The dustless, granular form factor of Geoflora VEG and BLOOM ensures all 19 of the high-quality inputs are delivered evenly and effectively without creating harmful, irritating airborne dust during the amendment process.

Gifts that keep on giving!

It’s a gift that keeps on giving: Geoflora nutrients helps the grower boost yields! This means that they’ll have an overabundance of fruits and veggies at harvest time, which means a whole lot more that they’ll be giving out to family and friends. Geoflora Nutrients offers an easy to use, complex assembly of natural inputs to users while reducing run cost of nutrients by 20% or more. In-house trials of Geoflora VEG and BLOOM in a commercial setting saw an average of 20% increase in final product potency, and 10% average increase in terpene production.  Happy holidays, indeed!

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on Geoflora Nutrients. If you’re looking for Geoflora Nutrients near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local Geoflora Nutrients retailer!

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