Down to the Roots: An Interview with DYNOMYCO

wooden box with bags of DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal inoculant

At Left Coast Wholesale, we believe in providing the most essential products that support the needs of our wholesale customers and the growing community at large. To that end, we are excited to begin offering DYNOMYCO®, a top-quality mycorrhizal inoculant that supercharges a plant’s ability to make the best use of available nutrients in the soil. In order to provide you with all the necessary information about this exceptional new addition to our catalog, we interviewed DYNOMYCO Sales Manager Ari Singer about their product as well as the research and process behind it. Read our Q&A below to find out what sets DYNOMYCO apart and makes it a great choice for your customers.

Left Coast Wholesale: We are thrilled to begin making DYNOMYCO available to our retailers. Let’s start with a basic introduction to DYNOMYCO. How would you describe it to someone who may be hearing about it for the first time?

Ari Singer: DYNOMYCO is a mycorrhizal fungi inoculant that connects to plant roots and creates a symbiotic relationship with the plant. The fungi absorb nutrients and water which are physically and chemically unavailable to the plant. This network of fungi, known as hyphae, allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and water, thus increasing plant health and yields. 

Can you explain what mycorrhizal fungi are and why they are so beneficial to plants?

The hyphal network increases the root surface area of the plant and enables the plant to absorb more nutrients thanks to the wider reach of the hyphae. The hyphae effectively increase the size of the roots by 10-100X! The fungi help the plants absorb phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, zinc, copper, and other microelements and are able to transport them to the plant. They break down unavailable phosphorus to the plant. 

Approximately 85% of the phosphorus fertilizer applied to the plant doesn’t get absorbed because it is chemically or physically unavailable. With inoculated plants, fungi break down the unavailable phosphorus and make it available to the plant, reducing runoff pollution and allowing the plant to now absorb 90% of the applied phosphorus. This is significant since the plant relies on phosphorus for bud production. So the more available phosphorus, the more your plants will yield. 

DYNOMYCO works well in acidic and alkaline soils also. This is due to the fact that high pH and low pH soils make phosphorus unavailable to the plants. In a single cubic inch of soil, there can be over eight miles of hyphae in the mycelial network! That network is what helps the root system branch out further and expand the root’s uptake and capabilities. 

If you till, for instance, this network is lost, and with it is the plant’s ability to reach additional nutrient sources with the help of the fungal network. The plant will now rely solely on its roots, which have less reach and are also incapable of breaking down phosphorus. 

What led to or inspired your development of DYNOMYCO?

Israel was at the helm of medical cannabis research for several years. We wanted to enable the cultivators to get the most out of their plants while growing the cleanest crop possible. 

What makes DYNOMYCO stand out from other mycorrhizal inoculants?

It was formulated specifically for the cultivation of fast-growing annuals and high-value cash crops, through years of bio-assays combining numerous mycorrhizal strains and lupulus varieties. It contains two species of endomycorrhizal fungi, Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae, at a concentration of 900 propagules per gram: 700 propagules per gram of Glomus intraradices and 200 propagules per gram of Glomus mosseae. That’s higher than all of the leading products being sold for similar crops–three times more concentrated than the leading competitor at 300 propagules/gram (2.3X more if comparing only Glomus intraradices) and a 2.3X more than another top brand with their total of 387 propagules/gram over nine species of endomycorrhizal fungi (8.4X more if comparing only Glomus intraradices). The higher the propagule count, the more potent your inoculant, and the more likely you are to colonize the root and see any effect!

“We wanted to enable cultivators to get the most out of their plants while growing the cleanest crop possible.”

The two species of fungi contained in every single granule of DYNOMYCO are scientifically proven to have symbiotic relationships with high-value crops and are not put in the product just to make it seem like there’s a high concentration in it. 

One of the strains of Glomus intraradices inside DYNOMYCO was isolated in the Judean Desert in Israel. It’s a very vigorous strain that’s managed to survive and thrive in the harshest desert conditions. This means that it’s dealt with the heat of the day and the cold temperatures of night, the lack of rainfall and also the flash floods, high salinity, and varying pH levels. DYNOMYCO is based on 30 years of R&D, including hundreds of beta trials with cash crop growers in the USA and Israel, all prior to product launch in 2019. 

Your website makes a point to emphasize your adherence to high-quality standards. Can you tell us about your approach to ensuring this level of quality when producing DYNOMYCO?

First and foremost, we produce our own fungi and this is a key element. While there are many products that contain mycorrhizal fungi, the majority of them are produced by the same factory and are blended by the company that purchases them and then rebrands them. There is no real QA or QC because a lot of these companies are resellers without the scientific team to dive in and examine each batch they receive. We have our own production facility and lab where we test each batch to make sure that it meets the specificities needed.

“We produce our own fungi and this is a key element.”

How and when should DYNOMYCO be used for the best possible effect?

It’s very important to inoculate the plants from the earliest stage possible, so the fungi grow on the young roots early on and start to work their magic when the plant needs them most!

You need to have direct contact with the roots! The two application methods that work best are:

  1. Mixing in the soil media
  2. Mixing in the planting hole

For seedlings, you want to mix DYNOMYCO in the growing media and apply DYNOMYCO in the planting hole on every transplanting.

What should gardeners be aware of when using DYNOMYCO, with regard to its use with fertilizers, compost, or other additives?

Expect faster growth and be prepared for it too. We’ve had growers who needed to transplant 1-2 weeks prior to what they are usually used to because of the rapid growth rate. DYNOMYCO is compatible with mineral salt-based fertilizers as well as organic inputs. The grower’s protocol does not need to change except for the addition of DYNOMYCO. 

Lastly, what impact do you hope DYNOMYCO makes in the growing community?

We hope several things will happen:

We’ve seen growers add DYNOMYCO while reducing the amount of fertilizers they use and still reach and even surpass the yields they were getting with 100% fertilizer and no DYNOMYCO. So we hope that the toll on the planet is reduced with the help of the fungi. We hope that agriculture can become more sustainable with the help of our products. We hope phosphate mining is reduced simply for the fact of growers adding DYNOMYCO to their soil and needing less phosphorus inputs.

“We hope that agriculture can become more sustainable with the help of our products.”

Second, we want growers to produce the highest quality product they can and in the cleanest way possible. DYNOMYCO enables that. We hope that with the help of DYNOMYCO, growers realize the immense impact biological products have on cultivation and the many benefits they add and start implementing them more in their growing protocol.

We thank Ari Singer and DYNOMYCO for taking the time to tell us more about their top-quality product. Call a Left Coast Wholesale sales representative at (800)681-1757 to find out how you can bring DYNOMYCO to your store.

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