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How to Harvest Container Garden Vegetables

Harvest time is your chance to enjoy the results of all the attention and patience you’ve devoted to your container garden. After all that work, it can be tempting to simply reach out and grab some fresh tomatoes, lettuce, or zucchini without a second thought. However, as with every stage in the growing process, harvesting […]

Maximize Savings with Our Tiered Discount Program

At Left Coast Wholesale, we believe there are many benefits to doing business with us. Our dedicated sales team, the top-quality, tried and trusted products we offer, and our commitment to the community that got us to where we are today. One of the core pillars of our business model is our Tiered Discount Program. […]

5 Common Gardening Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Gardening is a favored pastime for many people. It’s a relaxing hobby that provides food for the table while keeping your yard colorful and well-maintained, but those just starting often underestimate how complicated it can be. Knowing common gardening mistakes and how to fix them can truly make a difference in how you enjoy your garden, […]

Make sure your grow is solid as a rock when blooming

While sprouts are important, the final yield is what growers are keeping their fingers crossed for. If there’s any way to make sure that they have more fruits, grains, and bigger flowers to sell all the hard work will pay for itself! Fortunately, the innovators at Growth Science know this, and they’ve developed Rock Solid to boost and accelerate flower site development.


Growing indoors? Left Coast has everything you need to do it right

Growing indoors takes a lot of time, effort, and patience – but the outcome is worth it! Whether you plan on growing a whole garden of vegetables, or making sure your pantry stays stocked with fresh herbs and spices year-round, Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with the indoor growing supplies that will help make your indoor grow a success this winter!

It may be winter, but now is the best time to prepare for spring

It may seem early, but a little forethought goes a long way towards avoiding crowded nurseries and sold-out supplies. From soil, fertilizer, trellis – everything but seeds – Left Coast Wholesale has it stocked up and ready to ship out for a successful growing season in 2020!Here are our top 6 picks for what you need for your outdoor grow this season…

Just how do plants eat that chunky fertilizer?

Of course, plant enzymes are different from the thousands of enzymes found in the human body – and there are only four of them. These four enzymes work together to break down amino acids, fatty acids, and digest carbohydrates. These enzymes are the first step in making sure the nutrients are available for your hungry, growing plants – and they work hard doing it! These enzymes are working to make sure that all the vitamins and minerals are properly assimilated and distributed so they are available to uptake for your ravenous young sprouts.


Trimbin for the win

While not a mechanical marvel, the Trim Bin by Harvest More helps with the oftentimes mundane task of trimming crops that need it. Trimming by hand is a skill that takes time, patience, and can lead to sore backs and cramping in the hands. Done through many seasons, this can lead to long term physical issues, which can include posture issues. Trim Bin is ergonomically designed, allowing for stress-free trimming sessions and high yields. It allows the user to turn any desktop into a workstation, allowing them to sit where they are most comfortable, as its high molded walls and rounded edges keep all plant materials contained, ensuring fast and easy cleanup.

5 reasons to be vigilant about garden pests this winter

Though winter will officially start in less than a week, and garden pests may be far from your mind right now…you may want to start thinking about them and where they may be spending their time! Chances are, if you’ve had any issues with pests last season, they’re waiting in the wings to make a return performance this upcoming spring. If you haven’t stocked up on your pest control products, you should start now – here are our top 5 reasons to be vigilant about garden pests this winter.