Bulk up a different way this turkey day!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and anticipation for the Thanksgiving feast is so, so real. While harvest is done, there’s still a lot of work to do to prepare for the spring season. One of the ways to get ready is to make sure you’re stocked up on what you know will be needed when the planting season comes around again.

Thanksgiving Feast

From soil to nutrients, it’s always better to have things on hand when the weather warms up to avoid needing to make multiple trips to the nursery. A lot of planning goes into a spring garden, even more so if it’s a commercial crop or a sizable grow. When working with this level, time is important to get everything set up and dialed-in on time, and getting those sprouts started, Stocking up on the essentials now means that much less time in the car, in a line, or waiting for delivery of the basics your garden needs.

Delivery truck

For the seriously organized, this is a good time to take it a step further and stock up on what you know you’ll need for next harvest season. For those that have a lot of dried crops thy want to store for use later (herbs, flowers, seeds, even dried fruit…) the Left Coast Turkey Bag is the end of next season’s must-have.

Empty Shelves

While it may seem like a year is too early for preplanning, consider how stressful it is to get ready for harvest and then realize there’s one more thing you need, and hopefully it’s not sold out because every other grower needs the same thing and it would have been really great if you had gotten it early and had it one hand so you’d be finished with harvest and ready to relax!

Turkey Bags

One of the benefits of being prepared is if you are growing on a larger scale, Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with a bulk box of 1000 Turkey Bags per box! This means that you can go directly from the harvest, to the drying rack, to the Turkey Bag and your work is done – all without additional runs to the store, or waiting for a delivery that may come a couple of weeks too late.

Cato the Elder

Cato the Elder said it best in 160 BC, “It is thus with farming: if you do one thing late, you will be late in all your work.” Right now is the best time to get an early start on your successful crops – so stock up now and skip the wait!

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on Turkey Bags.  If you’re looking for Turkey Bags near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local Turkey Bags retailer!